Lean Agile Marketing

Lean Agile Marketing

Lean Agile Marketing
 Lean Agile Marketing

Introducing: Lean Agile Marketing - How to Become Agile and Deliver Marketing Success
Most companies and their senior management teams should be worried about startups! Although household brands, such as Apple, Google and Spotify or the aspirational Tesla, have the financial muscle and brand equity required to compete in the modern fast-paced and ever changing world, the smart ones are petrified of startups taking over their market share and are thinking hard about how to still be relevant tomorrow. Need help to implement Agile marketing? Click on the link to book me for a 1 on 1, consultation call on Zoom ➔  To learn more, watch: How To Implement Agile Marketing 

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This book presents a new approach to marketing that focuses on how marketing teams can adopt an agile mindset in order to improve the overall customer experience and, ultimately, increase business revenue. I define agile marketing as a shift in the mindset of marketing teams which emphasises the importance of combining customer experience (qualitative) and Analytics (quantitative) insights in a single customer feedback loop to inform current and future marketing planning and execution. This approach helps marketing teams align their campaign planning and execution to the agile methodology that has been so successful in IT software development teams. Inspired by lessons from the application of frameworks like Scrum and Kanban, it helps teams improve collaboration, communication and transparency across the entire marketing function. 
Rather than wasting time on office politics and bureaucratic red tape that hinders innovation, marketing teams can exert a focused effort to increase task completion while reducing both financial and time wastage normally associated with marketing campaigns.The book explains how companies can gather the all-important ‘why’ insights that are not always available in web analytics tools, because these tools cannot register or explain customer emotions. The failure of an entire nation to predict the outcome of the 2016 US elections is a perfect example of the failure of big data analytics in measuring outcomes that have a strong emotional undertone. 
From elaborating on the effort needed to improve team emotional intelligence, through alternatives for gathering relevant insights to using these insights to add value to your company’s customers, the book explores all of these issues through the lens of case studies which uncover practical step-by-step of how to adopt agile in marketing teams. With case studies from multinational companies with collocated teams and teams spread across different regions, you will learn how to start your agile marketing journey in a seamless way that reduces stress normally associated with change initiatives. 
I made sure the book is not prescriptive but offer marketing teams a number of options to take. The book is suitable for a range of audiences, including Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs), Marketing Directors and Executive, Agile coaches and IT Scrum Masters who want to branch out into marketing.
With Agile marketing, you will transform the culture and productivity of your team towards optimal performance. Our Agile marketing planning workshop and coaching sessions will help you and your team improve the agility of your marketing function.
To learn more about Agile marketing, I recommend reading the book Lean Agile Marketing. (Amazon UK)  (Amazon US)  Visit Udemy.com for online Agile Marketing Training Course  Also if you are interested in in-person onsite Agile marketing training or coaching, cxconversion.com
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