Business Planning Checklist

Business Planning Checklist

Business Planning Checklist
Business Planning Checklist

Business Planning Checklist Free Download

Business plan checklist is the list of most important sections of the business plan that you should include into your business plan in the same order. This checklist will guide you through the step-by-step process of writing an effective and successful business plan for your startup.

  • Define the company's current mission statement.
  • Identify market segments in which the company will participate by conducting primary and secondary market research.
  • Identify the company's value proposition and how it will differentiate itself within the marketplace
  • Identify any barriers to market entry (for example, capital requirements, technical barriers, patents, and process barriers) that the company needs to overcome.
  • Identify any risks inherent to the organization that need to be mitigated so that the company can realize the business plan.
  • Identify areas where the current market is underserved that provide an opportunity for the company. 
  • Identify any key processes, intellectual capital, or other resources that the company can use to its advantage in the marketplace.
  • Identify primary competitors, and then analyze competitor performance by using all available data and additional data that can be verified.
  • Identify secondary and potential future competitors that might affect the business plan.
  • Develop strategies for mitigating primary and secondary competitive threats.
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