Supply-Chain Risk Management Guide PDF

Supply-Chain Risk Management Guide PDF

Supply-Chain Risk Management Guide PDF
Supply-Chain Risk Management Guide PDF

Effective supply-chain risk management (SCRM) is essential to a successful business. It is also a competence and capability many enterprises have yet to develop. In some areas, both problems and practices are well defined. In others, problems are defined, but practices are developing. In still other areas, both the definition of the problems and the practices needed to address them are developing. In sum, SCRM is an evolving field. 

In this document, the Supply Chain Risk Leadership Council (SCRLC), a cross-industry council including supply-chain organizations from more than two dozen world-class manufacturing and services firms and academic institutions, outlines an approach to SCRM. This document provides a framework for collecting, developing, and implementing best practices for SCRM. It focuses on
  • Identifying internal and external environments 
  • Risk identification and assessment 
  • Risk treatment 
  • Continual monitoring and review of risks and their treatment.
This document is meant to be a practitioner’s guide to SCRM and associated processes. Approaches for identifying, evaluating, treating, and monitoring supply chain risk will differ across individual enterprises depending on their industry, the nature of their extended supply chains, and their tolerance for risk (or risk appetite). 

Therefore, rather than prescribing a specific approach to SCRM, this document notes some guidelines and possible approaches an organization may wish to consider, including examples of tools other organizations have used. Specific enterprises will adapt the concepts included in this document to fit their unique characteristics and expand the depth and breadth of the processes to meet the requirements of their organizations.

This document excludes risks such as those to brand reputation or intellectual property which exist outside the supply chain. It seeks to foster the development of best SCRM practices for application in industrial settings rather than provide a regulatory framework.

This is a working document. Its contents reflect a collection of best-practice inputs from SCRLC members. The inputs on supply-chain risk management are, to our knowledge, unique, though based in part on previous works regarding supply-chain risk more generally. The problems of SCRM and the means to address them will continue to change. 

As they change, we hope to both update this document and to issue additional publications detailing evolving areas. This document serves as a baseline for both helping enterprises assess and address supply-chain risks and for documenting evolving practices. We seek collaboration to promote these practices for supply-chain resiliency.

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