5 Apps to Boost your GMAT Preparation

5 Apps to Boost your GMAT Preparation

5 Apps to Boost your GMAT Preparation
5 Apps to Boost your GMAT Preparation

Need an app to help you study for GMAT and help manage your study schedule and academic content. We have the perfect solution here. This article will get to know about the top 5 apps to boost your GMAT preparation and help you ace in your career. We have evolved for a very long time, and so has the technology we use to benefit. 

When the entire content is online, then why waste time browsing over books. This is simpler with apps. Preparing for a competitive exam like GMAT requires a lot of hard work and informative material to go through. The GMAT apps help maintain the strategic schedule and organize the study material in one place.

Benefits of GMAT apps

1-Flexible timings
These apps are a collection of video lectures by trained professionals who have expertise in their respective fields. It is a very feasible option regardless of whether you are a student, working professional, etc. You can go through these lectures at any time of the day to keep up with time management and simultaneously learning. 

2-Creative Exercises 
GMAT apps also provide practice exercises, short tests, and practice exercises to build potential, address the strengths and weaknesses and boost your confidence. One needs to learn in such a creative way that there is no boredom and maximum retention from the study material. 

3-Boost your confidence 
With the help of mock tests, creative exercises, topic-based tests and segment-based tests, an appropriate and relative environment that the aspirant faces, which s/he might face when they sit for the big day and later go on to become future leaders. Two mock tests every week are recommended to work upon increasing self-actualization. 

The AI tools facilitate tracking the performances. This is pivotal to watch over specific areas to work strategically on an individual basis and the mentors to help plan a more efficient and effective method to delve into and score better. It is a power that our brains learn conditional behavior. We tend not to repeat mistakes. This is valid predicting the score, practice sheets, formula sheets, and update the FAQ. 

5-Convenient for the users 
An excellent GMAT app will always include features that are clear and accessible to its target audience. The segmenting and strategic testing inside the course should benefit the applicant, and he/she should understand whatever the app is trying to convey. Of course, presenting realistic content and different aspects such as length, difficulty, and intent are always taken care of to prepare you for your GMAT exam. Without further wait, let's hop on to see the disciplines, testing methods, mentors, quality, difficulty and other facts:

List of five apps to boost your GMAT preparation

List of five apps to boost your GMAT preparation
List of five apps to boost your GMAT preparation

1.Ready 4 GMAT – This app is available in both free and premium versions. The free version includes 2000 open GMAT questions and answers, detailed and holistic analysis, vocabulary improvement, Flashcards we can mark for reviewing later, internal analytics, and in-app purchases for those who want to explore more. (The premium version consists of 1000 more questions and 500 extra flashcards along with other benefits) The cost of the premium version is $19.99.

2.GMAT Math Flashcards and GMAT Idiom Flashcards (Magoosh) – These apps are segment-targeted versions by Magoosh but don't contain detailed practice questions. It consists of quantitative and verbal sections. 

The GMAT Math Flashcards help with mathematical concepts such as estimation, 19 algebra questions, ratios, fractions, and percent’s make 38 questions, two sections of geometry questions, i.e., 33 and 32 each (51), 24 statistics and probability questions, and miscellaneous questions having six sets of 36/37 questions. 

On the other hand, the GMAT Idiom Flashcard version focuses on two primaries and two advanced segments wherein idioms are being served in options. Your progress is assessed when you attempt and flip the card to view the answer. It is an excellent option for people who do not consider English as their native language. But in no way they match up with exact GMAT questions, so they are not much of a resource.

3.Manhattan Prep GMAT – It is a dynamic app that gives free service for the first 24 hours, after which it gives you an option to update to the premium version, which costs $29.99. If not that, then the free version of this app fetches you study tips, vocab improvement, sentence correction, mathematics, idioms, quiz related questions that you can practice. 

The medley of Quality education, good communication skills, advanced and beginner's level quant questions will help the applicants clear the exams with flying colors and hone their skills while tracking their performance. 

4.GMAT: Practice, Prep, Flashcards (Varsity Tutors) – An utterly cost-free app credited to The Varsity Tutors. They have introduced thousands of flashcards that allow you to try your knowledge on these as much as you want. 

The GMAT prep app is a medley of three multiple-choice sections: analytical writing assessment, Verbal, Quantitative and Integrated Reasoning (IR). The units produce a summation of three hours and thirty minutes of evaluation; the Quantitative and Verbal portions line up to seventy-five minutes. Simultaneously, the Integrated Reasoning and analytical writing can take up to half an hour each. 

We can easily keep track of our shortcomings and positive points through this app and can browse through multiple segments available for assessment and learning. 

5.GMAT Prep Course (Veritas Prep) – The entire Veritas Prep video GMAT lessons are currently functioning well on all Android devices cost-free. It also gives us the option to stream 20 hours plus of high-definition video. You will be required to purchase the full course to access Veritas prep resources, but the app can be used to glance over the tests available and skillset you will be focusing on. 

This app's GMAT Prep Course is delivered in High definition video by Brian Galvin, 36-hour Full Course lessons top all the same topics as in comprehensive and dynamic audio and visual presentation. The classes are also available offline so that you do not miss out on your prep time. 

The topics covered in the video lessons consist of algebra, geometry, reading comprehension, statistics and combinatorics, critical reasoning, word problems, sentence formation, arithmetic, the foundation of GMAT logic, AWA & Integrated reasoning and data sufficiency for overall intellectually enhancing exercise.

Thus, you should choose an app that matches your bandwidth and benefits you. Ultimately it would require diligence, dedication, willingness and smart moves, which would matter to determine if you can make it or not. Focus on your strengths and work on your weaknesses whilst keeping a positive attitude to help you get through.
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