Cost Management and Planning in Construction Projects

Cost Management and Planning in Construction Projects

Cost Management and Planning in Construction Projects
Cost Management and Planning in Construction Projects

This research by Arabic Language.
This research aims at emphasizing the significance of sound management and cost planning from the beginning of the project undertaking in order to facilitate the proper establishment for conducting and systemizing the project costs. 

Also, to determine the major obstacles that affect the management and scheduling of construction costs and to suggest solutions through demonstrating the roles of the parties involved in the project. According to the preliminary information, data, and exploratory readings collected about this matter, the research hypothesis is formulated as follows:-

In fact, there is a critical need to determine the proper fundamentals of cost conduct and planning according to a sound clear system, taking into account what is currently applied and followed in order to assess these procedures and improve them as much as possible."

In order to meet the aims of this research, a scientific methodology is pursued in :-
  • the presentation and review of most the local and international references that are directly relevant to the research, and aided by reports and articles from the internet from websites of engineering facilities of relevancy.
  • the case study for five projects. which are currently under construction in Iraq, analyzing them thoroughly in order to point out about their positive and negative aspects. 
  • the open questionnaire and the regular closed questionnaire forms based on the data and information collected through the theoretical review and the open questionnaire to conclude and examine some concepts concerning the actual management status of cost planning.
The research hypothesis has proved to be workable. Thus, it was possible to define the major obstacles that affect the process of construction cost management and planning; also, to suggest an appropriate plan for cost management and planning using a formula that facilitates the process of establishing and conducting all the details of construction cost to handle the weakness points on time, and to be able to propagate for cost management and planning and to inform the relevant parties or beneficiaries about how to take the proper decisions according to modern methods.
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