Change request log template

Change request log template

Change request log template
Change request log template

Download free a change request log template in excel

A change request is a formal proposal for an alteration to some product or system. In project management, a change request often arises when the client wants an addition or alteration to the agreed-upon deliverables for a project.

What is the purpose of change request?

A change request is a proposal to alter a product or system, often brought up by the client or another team member. During a project, this can happen when a client wants to change or alter the agreed upon deliverables.

How do you write a change request?

Writing effective Change Requests
  • The project name; 
  • The request number; 
  • The requestor; 
  • Description of the change; 
  • The reason for the change; 
  • The impact of the change; 
  • The proposed action to be taken; 
  • The business priority of the change;

Who can raise Change Request?

Three Options for Approving Change Requests
  1. Project Sponsor. The project sponsor is typically a senior leader in an organization who has authority to make project decisions.
  2. Project Manager. 
  3. Change Control Board.

What are the three types of change request?

  • Major change. As the name implies, major change is a high risk and high impact change that could interrupt production live environments if not planned properly.
  • Standard change. A Standard change is a low risk and low impact change that is pre-defined and pre-approved.
  • Minor change.
  • Emergency change.
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