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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Volume One Contracting Documents

Volume One Contracting Documents

The scope of the two projects includes providing technical assistance in the area of regulatory processes and systems, private‐public partnership, operator certification for water and wastewater plants, capacity building, capital improvement planning (CIP), operations improvement and program management. Since both the Ministry and Holding Company execute CIP projects, the program management component was included in both projects. The program management component covers implementation of a PMIS system, project management capacity building and development of standard contracting documents. This set of documents is submitted in response to the standard contracting documents task under the program management component of both projects.

The MHUUD, including the  HCWW spends over LE 15 billion on capital projects every year spread implementing over 3,000 projects. In the Ministry, projects are executed by four agencies:  National Organization for Potable Water and Sanitary Drainage (NOPWASD), Construction Agency for Potable Water and Wastewater (CAPW), New Urban Communities Agency (NUCA) and Central Agency for Development (CAD).  In addition to these four agencies Holding Company also carries out a large number of capital investment projects.   Each agency independently manages its own procurement activity.  The procurement processes followed for procuring and delivering these projects differ among agencies. Procurement documents utilized are different and while, standard conditions are many times used, unique contract documents are many times written for specific projects. . This results in inconsistent formats, long procurement cycles, and non‐standard contract agreements which are often non‐enforceable resulting in contract delays. The standardization of procurement documents and processes will ensure consistency among various agencies, greater transparency of the process, reduced procurement time and reliable contracts. There are other benefits of using standardized documents: the contracting community will become familiar with the documents, will be more confident in the process and will better understand risks which should result in more accurate pricing.


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