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Monday, March 19, 2018

PMP exam questions 2018 - Questions 1-300: here is a list of quality PMP mock exams I have taken which are very similar to the real PMP Exam.

PMP exam questions 2018 - Questions 01 - 100

PMP exam questions 2018 - Questions 101 - 200

PMP exam questions 2018 - Part 3 (Q. 201 -300)

Sunday, March 18, 2018

I made this video to give you guys some tips on the PMP exam. This video will not give you all the information on the PMP exam. The intention of this video is to give you tricks for PMP exam 2017-2018. I hope that this video can give you PMP exam help. This video should certainly not bell for your PMP exam prep. As I said earlier this is just about PMP exam tips and tricks. This focuses more on PMP exam techniques rather than the PMP exam knowledge that you need to know. This video is general tips on the PMP exam, but I think it is useful information to know.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Learn how to use soft skills to lead effective meetings, establish good relationships at work and deliver results
Are you struggling from non-productive meetings? Do the lack purpose and you feel like you never get results? Are they lacking effectiveness, in your day to day interactions and do not get results that you want? Would you like to learn what YOU can do to create better relationships with colleges, have enjoyable discussions and get results that you want at the same time? 
This meetings course gives you the knowledge and tools to start having more effective discussions and stay on track for success. 
Vadim has extensive experience in the business world. He works advising executive in Fortune 500 companies and enjoys sharing his knowledge on how to take your meeting productivity to the next level along with breaking down the different types of meetings that exist in business. He explains what is important in getting results that you want and how to plan and incorporate it into your meetings. He wants your meetings to be efficient and have purposeful that achieve the best results to drive productivity up in your organization.

In this class you will learn: 

  • What are the challenges with non-productive meetings 
  • Why is it important and how to build an agenda 
  • Why is it important to be respectful to everyone as part of the discussion 
  • Why is it always important and valuable to start meeting with the small talks 
  • How to make meetings more effective 
  • Why do you want to socialize your topic before scheduling the meeting 
  • How to select and invite the right people to the meeting 
  • How to pick the right duration for the meeting 
  • How to help others get prepared 
  • 12How to document and share next steps after the discussion 
  • Importance of the follow-up
Who is the target audience? 
  • Business owners Managers 
  • Professionals 
  • Consultants 
  • Anyone who has the need to lead meetings and drive results through discussions

Have you just been tasked to plan a new project? Are you new to Project Management? Get the basics here and apply them.
Project Planning and Scheduling is one of the most important activities for a Project Manager when starting and managing any type of project. Many mistakes are made during the first few weeks shaping the project scope, leading up to a plan and a schedule. During my career as Project Manager and Manager of Project Management Offices, I have come across many emerging and junior Project Managers who were lacking the initial understanding of what was important for the lead up to building a schedule. 
This course is written for beginners and Project Management juniors so that you will learn what Project Planning and Scheduling is about.
After completion of this course 
  • you will have an understanding of various Project Management methodologies; 
  • you will be able to discuss the difference between planning and scheduling; 
  • you will know what it takes how to create a workable schedule, 
  • you will know what you need to do to establish good and meaningful Project Performance
  • Reporting, and you will learn about tools for scheduling and Project Portfolio Management on a high level.
What Will I Learn? 
  • use techniques to plan and schedule projects 
  • choose the most likely appropriate project management methodology 
  • create a workable project schedule 
  • gain an overview of what is important when managing a project with regards to the project schedule 
  • identify whether a project is ahead, on or behind schedule 
  • have an idea which type of project scheduling tool could be appropriate to use

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Definition of Project Management. • Taking knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques, applying those to project activities to satisfy the business need for which the project was undertaken ...


Wednesday, March 14, 2018

List Tasks in Your Gantt Chart Excel Template. Download and open our Gantt Chart Excel Template for Excel 2007, 2010, or 2013. Add the list of tasks to the table, under the Task Name column. If you need to delete a row, right-click on the cell in the row you'd like to remove. Click Delete and then select Entire Row.


Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Improving Enterprise Performance. Primavera focuses on solutions that go beyond facilitating on-time and within budget and scope projects, to support business outcomes that drive C-level strategic metrics and results.


Monday, March 12, 2018

Keep your project on track using this accessible template. Manage risk by logging issues and tracking them to completion visually.
Project Issue Tracking Template free download


Saturday, March 10, 2018


Foundations of Everyday Leadership: Projecting Competence, Driving Execution, Motivating, Influencing, Empowering

The program is designed so you can gain Practical Modern Leadership Skills you can implement immediately within your sphere of influence.

The program includes: 

  • Strengthening the skills and capacities essential to effective leadership, 
  • Learning to assemble and lead highly effective teams,
  • Learning what drives effective effective execution, 
  • Assessing and advancing your emotional intelligence capacities, 
  • Boosting your ability to recruit highly emotionally intelligent employees.

Following the program, I am available to help you construct your own customized pathway, advising you. You can practice and build on the skills acquired during the program, then come back with any question you might have. You have the possibility to analyze problems and come up with solutions that we can discuss. 

Feel free to either open discussion in the discussions section or to send me a message and I will gladly get back to you. 

I am challenging you for a transformational experience, inviting you to step outside your comfort zone – you never know what you might find there.

Who is the target audience? 

  • Leaders at Growth Companies who are Challenged to Scale 
  • Leaders at Large Companies who are Inspired to Innovate 
  • High-Potential Leaders Preparing to Take on Increasing Levels of Responsibility and Challenge as They Move into More Senior Leadership/Management roles 
  • Influential Leaders who Want to Make an Even Greater Difference in Their Career and Their Organizations’ Future 
  • Emerging Leaders with the Drive and Desire to Take Their Leadership Skills to the Next Level

What Will I Learn? 

  • Develop Strategies for Using Your Personal Power to Build Strong Mutual-Influence Relationships 
  • Learn New Methods for Developing Personal Influence through Collaboration, and Come to Understand the Role of Coaching in Empowering Your Teams 
  • Transform Insights into Impact with the Latest Thinking on Leadership Excellence 
  • Learn the Attributes and Skills that make you a Strong Leader, Develop your Own Leadership Style, and Learn how You Can Empower Others to Do So 
  • Learn to Carry Yourself, Present Yourself, Communicate With Others, and Project Competence and Calm, so You can Inspire Others to Follow You 
  • Build a Strong, Cohesive Team by Leveraging the Leadership Potential of All Members 
  • Create a Personalized Leadership Action Plan to Make You More Effective and Accountable back at work 
  • Boost Your Ability to Recruit Highly Emotionally Intelligent Employees

This introductory level course provides students with a high-level understanding of Master Data Management. Master Data refers to having a single copy of a data record for an organization to ensure that the proper data quality measures are in place. Master data also ensures consistency of reporting across all multiple lines of business within an organization. 

This course highlights key Master Data Management concepts, methodologies, and processes including definitions, examples, common master data challenges, architecture considerations, types of master data projects, the data mastering process, and matching and merging techniques. The course also touches on best practices of master data storage within a repository structure.

What Will I Learn? 

  • Understand the concepts of Master Data 
  • Understand the concepts of Master Data Management 
  • Describe Master Data Management challenges 
  • Explain the Master Data Management architecture

The main items explained in this course include: 

  • What are the main concepts of Master Data 
  • What are the main concepts of Master Data Management 
  • What are the Master Data Management challenges within organizations 
  • What are the main Master Data Management architectures

Who is the target audience? 

  • Data Stewards 
  • Business Intelligence professionals 
  • Data & Analytics experts
Welcome to Your Quick Guide To Business Management. 
If you are interested in building an academic foundation in Business Management, stay tuned because this course will have everything you’re looking for! 

You will learn the important role ethics play in business, how to make decisions, the foundations of planning, organizational structure, and design, why human resource management is crucial to business, how to manage change, how to motivate subordinates, the different theories of leadership, and how to communicate effectively. 

The content of this course is based on the best business management textbook I studied in my business degree. However, I removed all the fluff to give you the crucial information you will need to be an excellent manager. So, go ahead and start Your Quick Guide To Business Management.

What Will I Learn? 

  1. Foundational understanding of business management 
  2. Developing and implementing plans and strategies 
  3. How to motivate subordinates 
  4. How to make decisions in business 
  5. How to communicate effectively as a manager 
  6. How to manage change in an organization

Who is the target audience? 

  1. Anyone wanting to learn about business management 
  2. Business owners and managers 
  3. Entrepreneurs

Thursday, March 8, 2018

1-PMP Exam Prep: Earn Your PMP Certification
Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam Prep Seminar to Pass the PMP Exam - 35 Contact Hours from PMI REP
What Will I Learn? 
  • You will get all the resources you need to pass the PMI PMP certification exam. 
  • You will earn 35 exam contact hours from a PMI Registered Education Provider. 
  • You will be able to discuss the PMBOK Guide 5th edition with confidence 
  • Explain the project management processes 
  • Discuss the project management knowledge areas 
  • Demonstrate the formulas, charts, and theories of project management 
  • Calculate float for complex project network diagrams 
  • Memorize the formulas for earned value management 
  • Compare and contrast processes, knowledge areas, theories, and project management best practices 
  • Reinforce your learning with our learning games!

2-Project Management: Best Practices From 10 Years Consulting
Learn How to Increase Your Job Productivity on Projects Without Certification! Use Unique Time Management Techniques.
What Will I Learn? 
  • Learn how to increase your job productivity to the max.This course is designed particularly for project managers and project members. 
  • You will be able to work much more efficiently on your projects. That includes having more time to be creative or do multiple projects at a time. 
  • Learn and understand some intuitive ways to work fast and effectively on projects. 
  • You will be able to see behind the curtains of team dynamics, i.e. why those are often the reasons of missing deadlines or failing projects.

3-Planning & Scheduling: Become the Professional from Scratch
Master Planning and Scheduling with the most Complete Course You need. Includes 2 Exams, Memo, Quizzes & Assignment
What Will I Learn? 
  • Take the next step toward Your Career Goals. 
  • Earn Your PSP and PMI-SP Certification. 
  • You will explain Planning and Scheduling Processes with Confidence 
  • Think Different. Think Planning 
  • Create, Review and Edit Project Plans and Schedules 
  • Stand out from the crowd by becoming a uniquely skilled professional planner. 
  • Build a team buy-in for the plan you have created and assure it is achievable. 
  • Understand the true value of TIME – the most valuable and finite commodity on Earth. 
  • Work as a professional planning and scheduling engineer 
  • Add value for yourself and your employer. 
  • Create new job market opportunities for yourself to work in the planning field.

4-Agile Project Management - Scrum Master (PSM®) Certification
Understand SCRUM & Agile Project Management, history, questions, practice test & get the PSM certification on scrum. org
What Will I Learn? 
  • You will learn everything about SCRUM You will be able to take the Professional Scrum Master - Assessment 1 (PSM) certification 
  • You will learn how to use the principals of SCRUM even in the most complex project time lines and streamline the project. 
  • You will be able to take the SCRUM Open Assessment before actually taking the PSM 
  • You will learn SCRUM from a SCRUM master, who has been practicing SCRUM for the last 4 years. 
  • You will be able to talk to your friends and explain them the principles of SCRUM You will be able to better plan your daily activities, learnings from the Daily SCRUM 
  • You will be able to better plan the deliverables in a particualr release and forsee the incoming work log. 
  • You will be able to explain the difference between Agile and SCRUM 
  • You will also learn about the traditional Water fall model and why Agile is far better in it's approach 
  • You will be able to explain the life cycle of a SCRUM project from backlog to a working system 
  • You will be able to conduct SCRUM events: Sprint Planning, Sprint Review, Sprint Retrospective and the Daily SCRUM 
  • Participate in the creation and anticipation of the SCRUM artifacts: Product backlog, Sprint backlog, Finished Deliverables and the "Definition of Done"

5-Project Management With MS Project - Scheduling Master Class
Managing projects with Microsoft Project? Learn project management, planning, scheduling, and tracking best practices.
What Will I Learn? 
  • Earn 8 PDUs towards your PMI certification. 
  • Learn how to use Microsoft Project. 
  • Learn Microsoft Project best practices. 
  • Gain Project Management knowledge. 
  • Improve Project Management skills. 
  • Develop skills in project scheduling. 
  • Learn the art and science of managing projects with Microsoft Project

6-Management Skills: Essentials for The New Manager
Management Skills Certification in Leading People, Teams & Process Improvement
What Will I Learn? 
  • Motivate your employees and create high engagement and empowerment. 
  • Province-specific job training for your team members and motivate your employees. 
  • Lead teams to become high performing teams engaged in continuous improvement. 
  • Understand and develop "lean management" problem-solving and process improvement.
  • Resolve conflicts with others and among team members.

7-The Science of Leadership
Leadership, management techniques and communication skills based on research from neuroscience to social psychology
What Will I Learn? 
  • Discover a groundbreaking model of Leadership that will help me manage myself and others
  • Recognize how our genetic programming influences our behavior and how to deal with that in ourselves and in others 
  • Connect with my team: Learn the distinction between lasting and temporary motivations. Find out an easy way to figure out what truly motivates them, then use that knowledge to improve the quality of their work and their engagement. 
  • Effectively engage problematic behavior born out of cognitive biases and subconscious belief systems 
  • Improve hiring protocols by recognizing potential pitfalls 
  • Improve coaching skills through powerful communication tools 
  • Learn how to fire up engagement in my team, buy using two secret ingredients 
  • Learn how to deal with issues such as workaholism, bullying, sexism, racism, ... 
  • Learn how to switch to my prefrontal brain and gain self-control, adaptation, willpower, focus, but also creativity and problem-solving abilities. 
  • learn how to switch in just a couple of minutes and help others to access their prefrontal as well Generate trust, create a solid team, and boost performance 
  • Improve change processes, meetings and brainstorming sessions 
  • Boost loyalty and stop my people to go to the competition

8-Project Planning and Scheduling for Beginners
Have you just been tasked to plan a new project? Are you new to Project Management? Get the basics here and apply them.
What Will I Learn? 
  • Use techniques to plan and schedule projects 
  • Choose the most likely appropriate project management methodology 
  • Create a workable project schedule 
  • Gain an overview of what is important when managing a project with regards to the project schedule
  • Identify whether a project is ahead, on or behind schedule 
  • Have an idea which type of project scheduling tool could be appropriate to use

9-How To Create A Professional Baseline Schedule 
Understanding the basis of baseline schedule and how to create it in a professional way
What Will I Learn? 
  • Create a professional baseline schedule that can be used as a useful project management tool
  • Understanding the concept and benefit of Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) 
  • How to design a comprehensive WBS 
  • How to define activities and assign activities data and information 
  • Link activities with logic relationships to calculate critical path 
  • Assign resources and cost to activities

10-Schedule Network Diagram and Critical Path Method
One of the tools and techniques for the Develop Project Schedule process
What Will I Learn? 
  • Understand what network diagrams are 
  • Know how to create project schedule network diagrams 
  • Understand what critical path is
  • Understand how to identify and calculate the length of critical path 
  • Understand what near critical path is 
  • Understand how to identify and calculate the length of near critical path 
  • Understand what critical activity is 
  • Understand what near critical activity is 
  • Understand what the Critical Path Method is 
  • Know how to apply and use the Critical Path Method 
  • Know how to calculate the Early Start, Early Finish, Late Start, Late Finish and Float of the activities 
  • Know what Forward Pass and Backward Pass are 
  • Know how to apply Forward Pass and Backward Pass to calculate the network diagram
Read More

In this video you will learn How to buy a Udemy course? Also, learn to create an account on Udemy

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Here’s the scenario. Your boss just got confused looking at a Gantt Chart (perhaps my Excel version) and said they want something simple. Like a timeline of events happening during the course of the project. Not everything, just key milestones and dates and stuff like that. Well, you quickly go hoping to Visio…and…oh, what’s that? You don’t have Visio? 

You guessed it! Here is an Excel project timeline template so you can satisfy these scenarios, and any other scenario you run in to where you need to generate a project timeline. If interested, stick around and read my article on this template. If you are just looking for the download so you can get to charting your Excel timeline…see below.

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