Introduction to Project Management

Introduction to Project Management


Introduction to Project Management

Learning objectives:
  • Explain the concept of the project and project management
  • Explain the basic factors for the success and failure of projects
  • Clarify the importance of management in software projects
  • Explain the framework of the project management
  • Explain the concept of the project life cycle
  • Explain the concept of project management and the structure of these procedures

Project Management:

Project Management: is the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities, to achieve the needs of those interested in the project
And what is expected from the project, or more. (Stockholders)
Which asmy project manager (Transient Project Leader) Project Manager: project management, the interim president of the project
Directing administration, by making full use of available resources, including human resources, so as to achieve the purpose of, (Project Leader)
Mahdd and the level of quality (Delivery expected), and in (or before) the date of delivery (Cost) project (Target and achievements) within the cost limits


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