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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Work Schedule Template Download Free

Work Schedule Template Download Free 

Organize your team’s work schedule to better manage your project’s workflow with a simple work schedule template. You can note the days your team is work on the project or a particular task, as well as collect their pay rate and hours spent completing those tasks. A work schedule template is a crucial arm in handling the resources, so you can control your project as it progresses to a successful completion.

How to Use a Work Schedule Template
Once you’ve downloaded your free work schedule template, follow these simple steps and you can begin to reap its benefits.
  • Open your free Work Schedule Template
  • Open the Employee Work Schedule tab
  • Click the cell under the column titled employee
  • List all your employees by name on a different row
  • Next to their name, note the employee’s hours
  • Next to their name, note the employee’s hourly rate
  • Next to their name, note the employee’s pay for that period
  • Go to the Monthly tab and open it
  • Mark the dates that each employee is scheduled to work

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