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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Project Planning and Scheduling for Beginners

Have you just been tasked to plan a new project? Are you new to Project Management? Get the basics here and apply them.
Project Planning and Scheduling is one of the most important activities for a Project Manager when starting and managing any type of project. Many mistakes are made during the first few weeks shaping the project scope, leading up to a plan and a schedule. During my career as Project Manager and Manager of Project Management Offices, I have come across many emerging and junior Project Managers who were lacking the initial understanding of what was important for the lead up to building a schedule. 
This course is written for beginners and Project Management juniors so that you will learn what Project Planning and Scheduling is about.
After completion of this course 
  • you will have an understanding of various Project Management methodologies; 
  • you will be able to discuss the difference between planning and scheduling; 
  • you will know what it takes how to create a workable schedule, 
  • you will know what you need to do to establish good and meaningful Project Performance
  • Reporting, and you will learn about tools for scheduling and Project Portfolio Management on a high level.
What Will I Learn? 
  • use techniques to plan and schedule projects 
  • choose the most likely appropriate project management methodology 
  • create a workable project schedule 
  • gain an overview of what is important when managing a project with regards to the project schedule 
  • identify whether a project is ahead, on or behind schedule 
  • have an idea which type of project scheduling tool could be appropriate to use

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