How to Plan Projects using free Project Planner Excel Template?

How to Plan Projects using free Project Planner Excel Template?

This video presents the project management framework used in the template and then
a live demo of the template. 
You will learn how to do the following using the template

To know when your projects will complete and if projects will complete by due dates (deadlines).
To understand resource utilization and identify opportunities for re-assignment to improve project completions.
To determine any shortage of resources, so that you can request additional resources.
To communicate to project stakeholders the readily printable project plan report, project timeline, project schedule (Gantt chart) and resource schedule.

3 Tips Before Starting to use the templates

Excel templates use certain approaches to keep the files simple to use, but at the same time very effective in solving real-life needs. We design them such that even someone new to Excel can start using very quickly and benefit. We also keep it flexible so that an intermediate or expert Excel user can easily extend the functionality by adding fields or calculations.
Before using the templates, it will be helpful to know these 3 important things. They are very simple and easy to follow.


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