SMRP BoK Guided Study Live

SMRP BoK Guided Study Live

SMRP BoK Guided Study Live



I wanted to reach out regarding my upcoming online SMRP Body of Knowledge Guided Study class taking place July 21-23, 2020. This training focuses on "Known Maintenance and Reliability Best Practices" along with offering you the CMRP Exam via over 5000 test centers around the world.

Like many other organizations at this time, we are feeling the ripple effects from the COVID-19 situation, and things have been evolving rapidly.

In order to meet training needs while so many travel restrictions will still be in place, we have converted this class into a live instructor-led virtual class with Ricky Smith CMRP as the instructor for this session

No matter where you reside in the world you can join Ricky for this awesome class.

Virtual, Instructor-Led Training (VILT) hosted live on the internet combines the benefits of traditional classroom training and online learning. It allows participants to have the experience of live instructor-led training without having to go to a classroom or have the instructor present in person.

Using Zoom’s technology, this video-based training allows learners to ask questions, participate in discussions, and get trained together irrespective of their location. Participants in the Institute’s virtual classes will learn the same content from the Institute’s in-person classes while participating in professionally facilitated sessions with activities that stimulate participation and learning:

> Online breakout sessions with facilitator support 

> Individual and group assignments and discussions 

> Polls, Q&A, and online whiteboard activities that keep learners engaged

Life Cycle Institute’s virtual classes were developed by industry-leading subject matter experts and certified professional instructional designers with experience converting live, instructor-led classes into engaging and effective online learning experiences using learning best practices.

To learn more about the SMRP Body of Knowledge Guided Study go to:

If you have questions email Andrew Willis at [email protected] or Ricky Smith at [email protected]

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The Author: Ricky Smith CMRP, CMRT, CRL


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