Risks management In Construction projects Case study

Risks management In Construction projects Case study

تحميل كتاب ادارة المخاطر في مشاريع التشييد

Construction and Building projects have a particular characters, one of them is its last long life period, which can changes the circumstances of the project, so it may lead to various sorts of Risks up on its long period of implementation and its different stages. 

Starting from project through implementation activities up to finishing and handing over the project, the circumstances become so complex and the potential of risks highly increased, and that will refer negatively on contractual construction and building economics. Therefore even the construction projects have been looked the same from the side view of purpose and components nature, since the place is different, so the exposure to risks is different. More over the risks can interact together and affect the cost and schedule of the project. 

The researcher has design a questionnaire to distinguish and identify the risks that might face construction and building projects. He has distributed it to some sample from construction and building companies at Sinar state. Post to distinguishing the risks that face the construction and building projects using the methodologies of questionnaire, discussion with engineers and with the companies managers, the researcher has analyzed the that risks according to its quality. 

Conclusion: the study concluded in a number of findings represented in the absence of companies able to implement works and delay from the side of the owner in payment of financial obligations , lack of experience and financial capacity of sub-contractors as it will be detailed in the body of the study.

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