Here Are The 7 Ultimate Steps To Manage Project Time

Here Are The 7 Ultimate Steps To Manage Project Time

Today, you're going to look at project management time in a different way because I'm going to open your eyes on its secret.

But, to start off, let me tell you..

What is Project Management Time?

Project time management is one of the 10 project management pillars that any project manager should be fully aware of for their career. 

It’s the discipline & system of project management and it's concerned with controlling the period of time it takes to do the task in the project.

Now, let's move onto the...

7 Project Time Management Processes for Success

To achieve a successful project time management, you need to know the 7 processes and components which are;

1. Design management schedule 
2. Set activities & tasks
3. Place these activities in order
4. Identify activity resources
5. Identify activity period
6. Design schedule
7. Manage the schedule.

Let me some insights on each step...

1. Design Management Schedule:

The first step in project time management is where you establish all the documentation, procedures & policies, needed for running your project schedule from your initial plan, ongoing development, performance and then managing the schedule.

2. Set Activities & Tasks:

You do this process when you want to document and identify to create your project's deliverables.

In simpler terms, it distinguishes your project activities & tasks. By using the scope statement you can manage to break down the work into distinct tasks.

3. Place These Activities In Order:

Get organized and put your tasks and activities in the correct order. As you finish organizing, you'll have a full visual on all the tasks and which task is related to which and so on. 

This step will ultimately help you take immediate action because now you know what you need to do in your project.

4. Identify Activity Resources:

The Identify Activity Resources step or process assist you with knowing which resources you'll need since you, by now, you should know what you're going to do.

It's time you work out what HR (human resources), supplies & equipment you need, and identifying the quantity you require of each.
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5. Identify Activity Period:

This process is purely dedicated so that you'll know how long each activity and task in your project will take. 

By now, you should have identified all your resources for the project and it's time to set the duration for each task.

Make sure you keep in mind as you're planning the duration of each task the holidays and resource availability. 

6. Design Schedule:

Definitely, you can now put together & effectively plan your project schedule for a great time management success. With all the data gathered from the previous 5 processes, it should be simple & clear.

7. Manage The Schedule:

Lastly, the Manage Schedule process provides you the tools you need to control and update the project's schedule, guaranteeing that changes are managed properly and that you keep check of the timings of the project.

Actually, the greatest effort will be exerted when preparing your project schedule and track, nevertheless, it's really worth every moment you spend on doing the project time management processes.

There's no excuse for you not to make a powerful time management project! So, make it happen!

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