Project Management Integration: Here Are The 4 Keys For Ultimate Success.

Project Management Integration: Here Are The 4 Keys For Ultimate Success.

Project Management Integration: Here Are The 4 Keys For Ultimate Success.

Basically, there are 10 main parts for a successful project management (integration, cost, time, planning, procurement, quality, human resources, communications, risk management & stakeholder management). Today, we're going to focus on project management integration.

Overall, you are going to learn two important things;
1. What is project management?
2. The 4 keys to powerful project management integration.

Let's get started,

First of all, 

What is Project Management Integration?
As we just said, that project management is made up of 10 parts and project management integration is one of them. Generally, it organizes your project and all its aspects. You must ensure that everything in your project runs smoothly, project integration must be properly performed.

Project integration will offer some good deliverables like a project plan, project charter, and preliminary project scope statement

That was a quick briefing on what project integration is..

Now, it's time to know..

The 4 Keys For Successful Project Management Integration:
Basically, project management integration's mission is to make sure that your project's components are all coordinated in the right way to achieve the best results. This is because project management integration revolves around project management knowledge area and project processes.

Since I want to help you better coordinate you project management coordination, I'm going to tell you how to ensure its success through the 4 powerful keys to integration management:
- Get Buy-In
- Create a Plan of Attack
- Be Willing to Make Tradeoffs
- Learn From Your Mistakes (And Successes)

let's dive in some insights on each of these 4 points..

1. Get Buy-In:
The first thing you need to do is ensure that your project is receiving the funding and support to be powerful and successful. To fulfill your purpose and guarantee that your integration management will be successful you must get a buy-in from team members and stakeholders.

Most importantly you need to have both the preliminary scope statement and project charter. Once you have those two, you'll ammunition and the authority which is important to guarantee that your resources are scheduled & coordinates when and how you want.

2. Create a Plan of Attack:
So, after having your two important weapons which are the objectives of your project and project charter, it's time to create a killer plan.

A. Identify Your Activities:
The first step is knowing what sort of activities you need and how to execute, manage & monitor them successfully.
Bonus Tip: A project management software can really help you at this point for planning and monitoring your project.

B. Make Sure your Team Is On The Same Page:
Now, it's a good time to check on each one in your project's team and see if you're all on the same page and all can log in to your chosen project management software.

This simple small step will help your project management integration be accurately reported and monitored.

3. Be Willing to Make Tradeoffs:
Every day in your project, you will face some challenges in managing people, the changes they request and their opinions that they give for your project. At times, this can be overwhelming for you.

If you really want to be effective at project management integration, you must be willing to make tradeoffs!

In other words, you can't give everyone everything they want, because at the end your project has an objective that they should achieve. So, keep your eyes on that goal.

4. Learn From Your Errors (And Progress):
Surely, we all make mistakes whenever you jump into a project. These mistakes are meant to teach us to keep going and make our projects more powerful. Also, as you acknowledge the mistakes, you need to celebrate your successes!

This was you 4 keys to ultimate success in project management integration.

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