Planning and Scheduling Projects:Getting Ready for the PSP Exam

Planning and Scheduling Projects:Getting Ready for the PSP Exam

AACE International’s Planning and Scheduling Professional (PSP) Certification Study Guide was developed to accomplish two purposes similar to that of the CCP Certification Study Guide. First, it aids professionals wishing to achieve AACE International’s specialty certification in Planning and Scheduling. Second, the PSP Certification Study Guide summarizes various topics considered central to the planning and scheduling profession, as outlined in AACE International Recommended Practice 14R-90, Responsibility and Required Skills for a Planning and Scheduling Professional, along with the current edition of the Skills and Knowledge of Cost Engineering.

The PSP Certification Study Guide should be a beneficial and useful publication for all planning and scheduling professionals. It primarily serves the needs of planning and scheduling professionals who are preparing to take AACE International’s PSP certification examination. This publication is intentionally concise and does not delve deeply into any subject, yet it broadly touches upon all topics within the required skills and knowledge of a planning and scheduling professional. This text is not intended to be a source of detailed planning and scheduling knowledge, nor does it substitute for the minimum experience necessary to qualify to sit for and pass the PSP certification exam. That is, the reader will not find the deep development of planning and scheduling concepts in this manual since listed references are already available to provide all necessary details. Rather, it introduces required knowledge and skills for potential PSP certificates.

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