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Saturday, June 2, 2018

[100% off] International Project Management - Master Class

Free online course  International Project Management

Take your project management skills to the next level and learn how to manage international projects

What Will I Learn? 

  • International Projects 101 
  • How to distribute leadership to scale your project 
  • Skilled Collaboration 
  • International Communication
  • How to define Value Promotion 
  • How to work with multiple Time Zones 
  • What Tools to use 
  • How to define Value Promotion 
  • How to work with different Languages 
  • How to work with different culture 
  • How to get Status’s that matter 
  • Face To Face Vs Virtual Communication 
  • How to create project champions 
  • How to conduct organizational change 
  • How to use an international communication style 
  • Tips and tricks to avoid Pitfalls 
  • How to recover an international project that has gone off track

Description [Free online course International Project Management]

International projects is misunderstanding how cultures can differ from country to country. In this course, PM ninja Luke Angel pmp, csm , cspo will show how to plan and deliver complex international projects with teams and products based in multiple countries.. Luke shows how to find and nurture managers who will champion international projects, and shares tips to ensure the ongoing success of projects He helps leaders understand how culture, language, and time zone differences can hamper successful collaboration and how to adapt your communication style to bridge these gaps. 

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