[100% off] Project Management Fundamentals: Risk Management

[100% off] Project Management Fundamentals: Risk Management

[100% off] Project Management Fundamentals: Risk Management


Without risk, there can be no reward. Learn how to your risks it into your allies.
When not managed risk reduces your ability to achieve your project's goals, if not derailing it altogether. In this course, author, trainer, and Certified PMP® Luke Angel takes over 20 years of experience and shows you how to anticipate, assess, and manage project risk so that your projects always end with rewards. Whether your project is large or small you will gain the necessary knowledge to master the art of risk management. 

In this course, you will learn how to gauge your stakeholders' tolerance for risk, assemble a risk plan, build a risk register, and maintain project continuity as risks emerge.
  • Risks Management Basics 
  • How To Manage Portfolio Risks 
  • How to Identify and Manage Risk Tolerance 
  • How To Create And Manage Risk Plans 
  • Risk Identification Methods 
  • Risks Consolidation And Categorization And Techniques 
  • Risk Record Management 
  • Risk Register Management 
  • How To Conduct Qualitative Risk Analysis 
  • How To Conduct Quantitative Risk Analysis 
  • How To Conduct Risks Assessment And Prioritization 
  • Risk Response Techniques 
  • How To Create Risk Response Plans 
  • Create Risk Triggers And Deploy Them 
  • Create Awesome Risk Reporting 
  • Deploy and Manage Risk Responses 
  • Maintain Ongoing Risks Management

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