Project Scope Management Study Notes

Project Scope Management Study Notes

What is Project Scope Management?

Project Scope Management includes processes required to ensure that the project includes all the work required, and only the work required, to complete the project successfully. 

Please note that “gold plating,”  including features and requirements in the product or deliverable not originally planned, is not a recommended practice. 
Major scope management processes include:
  • Collect Requirements 
  • Define Scope 
  • Create WBS 
  • Verify Scope 
  • Control Scope
Product Scope vs. Project Scope

Product Scope
Project Scope
Features and functions that characterize a product or service.
Work that must be done to deliver a product
Processes, tools and techniques required vary by application area – defined as part of the product life cycle
Processes, tools and techniques required vary by application areas – defined in project life cycle
Defined in product life cycle (not defined in this chapter – differs depending on the industry)
Defined in project life cycle – discussed in this chapter
Completion of product scope measured against the product requirements
Completion of project scope measured against the project management plan
A product may have several subsidiary components with their own separate but independent product scopes
A project generally results in a single product or deliverable

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