An Introduction to Negotiation

An Introduction to Negotiation

Introduction to Negotiation download book

Negotiation is something that we do all of the time and is not only used for business purposes. For example, we use it in our social lives perhaps for deciding a time to meet someone or where to go on a day off. 
Negotiation is usually considered as a compromise to settle an argument or issue to benefit ourselves as much as possible.

In this session we will look at the following areas of negotiation:

  • Why negotiate? 
  • Preparing to negotiate.
  • Improving your negotiation skills.
  • Becoming a better negotiator. 
  • Using conflict to your advantage. 
  • Understanding conflict resolution styles.
  • Using a structured approach. 
  • Check your capabilities.
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Why Negotiate?

  • Effective negotiation helps you to resolve situations where what you want conflicts with what someone else wants. 
  • The ultimate aim, therefore, is to find a solution that will satisfy both of you. 
  • This is known as a win-win situation, but this is not always the way things go and we will examine this in more detail later. 
  • We will also discover that there are different styles of negotiation depending on the circumstances.

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