Action Plan Excel Template

Action Plan Excel Template

Download Action Plan Template for Excel

Action Plan Excel Template Free Download

An Action Plan is for smaller teams. It helps break down work packages in the Project Schedule into smaller activities and helps track progress. 

To create an Action Plan, break down your work packages into more detailed activities, assign each activity to an individual team member, and assign a priority and finish date. Update your Action Plan as needed in the "Status" and "Actual Finish Date" columns.

Some tips for using Action Plan Excel Template:

1-Avoid putting more than one person's name in the "responsible" column to encourage individual accountability. If more than one person is going to work on an activity, assign one person to be ultimately responsible. 

2-Planned Finish Dates should match the overall Project Schedule. 

3-The “Actual Completion Date” column should be empty until the deliverable is complete.

4-Each team member should be responsible for an activity on the Action Plan. 

5-This document is useful to take to small group meetings to review status and update the Action Plan. It can also be printed and posted on the wall in a shared work area.

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