Project Schedule Template for Excel

Project Schedule Template for Excel

Download Project Schedule Template

Project Schedule Template for Excel Free Download

The Project Schedule Template is created to help plan and track important dates within the project. The PM Lite Project Schedule Template is used in the Planning Phase of the project lifecycle. The Planning Phase develops the approach and schedule for delivering the project. 

The triple constraint (Scope, Schedule, and Cost) is finalized in the Planning Phase. The project team is formalized and the communications plan and project deliverables are identified.

How to Use Project Schedule Template:

The Project Schedule Template is pre-configured to align to standard Project Management lifecycle processes. There are two versions of the PM Lite 2.0 Project Schedule Template. One is a Microsoft Project and the other an Excel spreadsheet. 

Pick the tool that works best for your project and organization. The project schedule allows you to plug in dates, resources, and budget information. Once populated with dates and resources, key performance indicators (KPIs) such as schedule variance and % complete, can then help track the project performance.

Best Practice:

Prepare a tentative project schedule in the initiation and adjust throughout the life of the project. Baselining a project schedule should occur at the conclusion of planning but may occur in the initiation and re-baselined at the conclusion of planning dependent on organizations policies and project details. 

In an effort to capture project metrics (schedule variance) and continuously improve, all project schedules/plans should be baselined. The project schedule should be used as the single source of truth regarding project schedules, baselines, and project variances.

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