Practical guide in managing and documenting construction projects

Practical guide in managing and documenting construction projects

The construction industry is one of the oldest human industries and during the past few decades the industry has experienced a leap Quality of the world's urbanization and the emergence of mega-projects in addition to the emergence New cities thriving.

The project is defined as a temporary activity that is initiated to create a unique product, service, or outcome from The temporary nature of projects refers to a specific beginning and end. Project management has reflected The use of knowledge, skills, tools and methods to meet project activities With its requirements.
The term construction management is used to express management of all functions and tasks related to a project Between project partners, contractor relationships, correspondence and communication methods, work systems , Procedures, documentation requirements, construction and planning operations, planning and scheduling, coordination, monitoring Materials, payment management, change orders, overtime, handling complaints and disputes, Negotiations, and all work and tasks of closing the project and terminating the contract including the preparation of a list Works / materials missing or defective, evacuation of the contractor's equipment and completion of the processing work , Legal and administrative procedures to close the project and announce the completion of the project.


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