Procurement Plan and Schedule Template

Procurement Plan and Schedule Template

Download Procurement Plan and Schedule Template Excel

Procurement Plan Sheet:

Document Products, Goods, or Services that must be procured during the course of the project. Identify the Responsible Person for the procurement and indicate the Procurement Method Selected for each item. 
The procurement methods are Emergency Procedures, Sole Source, Small Purchase, Competitive Negotiation, and Competitive Sealed Bid Procedures.  
Using the WBS and Project Schedule, identify Quantity or Man-hours Required, Required Delivery Date, and Delivery Location.

Procurement Schedule Sheet:

For every Procurement Method listed in the previous table, a separate Procurement Schedule Table will be created. Insert the Procurement Method documented in the previous table in the first row. 
Modify the column headings to record each step required to complete a procurement using the method identified. These procurement steps should include agency and Commonwealth required actions. 
Download also:
List each Product, Good, or Service in the first column and insert a date in the action column when that action will be completed. When the tables are complete, add the procurement actions as tasks in the project schedule.

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