Project Budget Template Excel

Project Budget Template Excel

Download Project Budget Template Excel Free

Budget Template Instructions:

1-The Project Budget Template is required. The Organizational Budget Template is not. You may submit your organizational budget in your own format if you so choose.

2-You may insert additional rows as needed on the templates.

3-The Project Budget must be explained in the Budget Narrative Justification part (Section E) of the application. It is where you explain how you get to the numbers listed on the budget. It is also where you explain the reasoning behind any items on the budget that are not self-explanatory. If you are lumping costs together on the budget template, then please explain in the narrative.

4-The Project Budget should be for the period that you are requesting funding (the same period as listed on the cover page of the application). 

5-On the revenues section of the templates, please only list out foundation, corporation, and federation revenues of $1,000 or greater. Include all others in "other". 

6-On the templates, pending revenues, means revenue that has already been requested but not yet granted. This might also include grants not yet submitted but that plan to be submitted in the very near future. 

7-If a line item on the budget is not applicable, then you may leave it blank. 

8-See the User Guide for more information about completing the budget templates.

A capital campaign Budget should include the following:

Planning: Includes real estate and design consultants, feasibility studies, staff time dedicated to project management. 

Capital Campaign Expense: Consulting fees, feasibility study, donor recognition, special events, collateral material, campaign software, etc.

Project Financing Costs: Appraisals, interest, environmental audits, application fees, points, legal fees, bond fees, mortgage recording taxes, title insurance. 

Project Acquisition and Constructions: Includes taxes, assessments, fees and permits, legal fees, appraisal. 

Design: Project management, architects and engineer fees, permits, filing fees. 
Construction: Project management. 
Other Swing or interim space; moving costs, foregone revenue during "down" time, FF&E.

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