Resource Planning Template for Excel

Resource Planning Template for Excel

Resource Planning Template for Excel
1-This template can be used throught the project life. From Origination to Execution 
2-In the Origination Phase the PM can use it to get an order of magnitute need for resources. 
3-In the Initiation phase you can use the template to work with putting assigned resources to the phases of the plan and percentage of utilization. 
4-In the other phases of the project you can use it to do "WHAT IF" scenerios when looking at new or changed resources prior to changing the Microsoft Project.

When starting the template you can put generic resources in the spreadsheet. Developer, Tester, Project Manager. 
The rate for US resources is $65.00. Also, you can put any other hardware costs and be consulting costs as best as you know them.
Download also:
In the origination phase, you should not really have to worry about when the resources will be within the phases of the plan or if they will be used more in April then June.

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