Project Complexity and Risk Assessment Excel Template

Project Complexity and Risk Assessment Excel Template

Project Complexity and Risk Assessment Excel Template

The Project Complexity and Risk Assessment (PCRA) Tool is a 64 question assessment that determines the risk and complexity of a project. 

The questions are each given an equal percentage in the overall score. Because the PCRA score evaluates a wide range of inherent risks, it is unlikely that a single project would be susceptible to all of the potential risks. 

The worst case scenario would be that 70% of the inherent risks would be present in any one project. Therefore, the actual raw score of the assessment is divided by 70 to determine how the project compares to the worst case. 

This tool is presented in an Excel file that will tabulate the score automatically and is supported by the Guide to Using the PCRA Tool.

Excel version of the tool:
Use of the Excel version of the assessment tool is optional. The Excel version of the tool is intended to be used as a working or rough copy during the early stages of the assessment while information is being gathered. 

To complete the assessment, the information gathered in the Excel version should be transcribed to the online version of the assessment tool (i.e. Callipers).

This Excel document consists of two tabs: 
1) Instructions (this page) - provides information on the tool 
2) PCRA - contains the questions for the assessment tool

Completing the assessment:
  1. Answer the 64 questions in the PCRA tab (all answers must be entered for the result to be valid). To answer an individual question, select the appropriate cell in the "Options" column and the corresponding score will appear in the scoring column. 
  2. Ensure that the project's ancillary data has been entered. 
  3. The information is entered by clicking on the downward arrow in the grey box and selecting the appropriate option. 
  4. If you are sure a question does not apply to your project, then answer with the lowest score (“1”) for that question. 
  5. If the answer to a question is unknown, then answer the highest score (“5”) for that question. 
  6. An answer can be deleted by selecting the "reset answer" option. 
  7. The score will be tabulated at the end of each section.
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