Project Finance Model Example

Project Finance Model Example

Project Finance Model Example with templates
Project finance is only possible when the project is capable of producing enough cash to cover all operating and debt-servicing expenses over the whole tenor of the debt. A financial model is needed to assess the economic feasibility of the project. Model's output is also used in the structuring of a project finance deal.
Hello here goes, In this video, I'm going to give you an overview of a project finance model that is one of my recent models although when this video gets old it won't be the model include a number of important issues the most important of which is resolving circular reference issues so you can do a host of structuring analysis without this horrible copy and paste approach. 

The model also includes functions so that if you have parts of a project coming in in intermediate times of the month you can reflect that's done with a function as well as the first thing.
Watch the video and learn more you can also download the documents from here.

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