Helping the Unemployable Live the American Dream

Helping the Unemployable Live the American Dream

 Helping the Unemployable Live the American Dream

How do we help those in need? Not with money but skills training and jobs because this is the American way. Have you ways to help other find a job who never held a job?  In 1998 I proposed a plan to help the economically disadvantaged, unemployed, unskilled Americans and found out it did not match what the US Federal Government definition of “help” meant. I was disappointed in the US Government and still look at inner cities as a place we can make a difference. 
Here are a few facts:
  • Inner cities: 3 in 10 people live in poverty     
  • Suburbs: 1 in 10 people live in poverty     
  • Inner City Poverty Rate: 32%
Here are my recommendation if you want to make a difference.
Step up and let’s work with companies who need great employees who are dedicated to their organization. (Why not hire someone who has never had a job?)   Understand, if someone has never held a job we must be patient. The person may need to be woke up in the morning, fed breakfast on the way to work, provided skills training and respect. (I proposed this in 1998 to our US Government Agency in charge of helping our "unemployable" as they called them but was laughed at) 

Think about it this way, if you were an unemployed individual who has never or hardly ever worked how would you like to be treated. Let’s live in the real world and respect everyone and give someone a chance. Just because they never worked does not mean they will not become dependable and hardworking employees. Let’s share the “American Dream” with all Americans.

I would appreciate your comments and if you have seen a successful program that addresses this problem please share it.   Remember: We are all created equal in “God’s Eyes”.

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