Lubrication Program Effectiveness Checklist

Lubrication Program Effectiveness Checklist

 Lubrication Program Effectiveness Checklist

Lubrication Effectiveness Checklist
Date: _____________
1. Would you say bearing failures are a problem at your site? Yes / No  
2. Do your hydraulic systems have leaks on hoses and fittings? Yes / No  
3. Do you have a filter cart to take oil from a drum or container and filter the oil to a specific micron rating before it is introduced into a hydraulic reservoir or gearbox? Yes / No  
4. Do the people who lubricate your bearings know the correct procedure and correct amount of grease to put in all bearings they lubricate? Yes / No  
5. Do the people who lubricate motors know to remove the relief plug under a motor and input the grease while the shaft is turning? CAUTION: for safety reasons the couple should be guarded and a pipe tube should extend from the point grease entry and where the grease comes out at the bottom. Yes / No 
6. Have your people been trained in contamination control of lubricants? Yes / No  7. When a seal leaks on a gearbox or hydraulic cylinder does that alert the planner to plan and schedule that item in the near future? Yes / No  
8. On mobile equipment and plant equipment is the welding ground lead position 6” or less from the welded area? Yes / No  
9. Is oil analysis currently performed on critical equipment? Yes/No  
10.Is lubrication identified and tracked separately from or within the maintenance program? Yes/No
11.Is your lubricant list reviewed and updated annually with special care given to asset requirements such as oil type, viscosity, additives, etc?  
12.Are the on-site lubricants limited to a single manufacturer and distributor?
Score - % of questions with a Yes answer = ?
- 90 or more – keep up the good work and make sure continuous improvement is in place so it will take you to 100%  - 80-89% - Need to identify the gaps and close them by applying known best practices  
- 60-79% - You need a plan with targets and goals identified. Identify 2 people to train in lubrication and let them execute it to standard using repeatable/effective procedures.  
- Less than 60% - hire a professional (not the lube vendor) to come to your site, educate management on best lube practices and the maintenance staff. Conduct an assessment of your strengths and weaknesses in your lube program. Assist you in implementing a plan and execute. Ask this Lube expert to return every 3 months to evaluate the progress and help you as needed for one year. After one year ask the lube expert to come back once a year and conduct and another lube assessment. The money you spend on this preventive effort once a year is worth more than you can imagine.

Score =_________

Please share your score and "lessons learned" based on your experience.  Check out David Martin and my book, "Lubrication Made Simple" , the equipment you save may be you manage it's reliability.

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