Maintenance Storeroom? Where does failure begin?

Maintenance Storeroom? Where does failure begin?

? Maintenance Storeroom? Where does failure begin
A few questions on a Materials Management Operation: (please answer yes or no, if uncertain the answer is no)  Please post a comment (seen below) based on the evaluation questions below.
1. Are PMs conducted on motors, gearboxes, etc. in your storeroom?  
2. Does your organization hide spares because they do not trust the storeroom?  
3. Is the storeroom secure at all hours?  
4. Must everyone order a part or item through the maintenance software and charge it to a cost center or asset?  5. Does the storeroom have critical parts needed 100% of the time?  
6. Are their used parts in the storeroom which have not been restored?  
7. Does your storeroom operated with a min/max/reorder point system?  
8. Must all equipment parts or components be charged to a specific asset?  
9. Is the storeroom climate controlled?  
10. Has spares for critical assets been identified through a formal process?  
11. Have all storeroom personnel been formally trained to include management?  
12. Do you think your storeroom contributes to equipment failures in your organization?  
13. Are hydraulic cylinders stored vertically in your storeroom?  
14. Are critical motors stored on vibration pads?  
15. Does maintenance own and manage the storeroom?  
16. Does your storeroom kits parts for maintenance planning?  
17. Do overnight deliveries sit in the storeroom for days or weeks?  
18. Are there parts or material in the storeroom which is already failing? (v-belts, conveyor belts, bearings, etc.)  
19. Are there leading and lagging metrics used to manage the storeroom and materials management process?
20. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being world class), where would you rate your storeroom?

Add up your score and subtract 5 points for every question you think is wrong. If you are not sure if it is "right or wrong" then the answer is "wrong"  Post your score in the comment section along with your comments. (how good do you think you scored)

The Author: Ricky Smith CMRP, CMRT, CRL
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