Simple Steps to a Successful PM Program

Simple Steps to a Successful PM Program

 Simple Steps to a Successful PM Program

"Performing PM on Equipment that continues to breakdown?" Here are a few of my thoughts; (trust me this works all over the world so no one is different)
  1. You cannot perform PM on Equipment that continues to breakdown     
  2. You must “Restore the equipment to maintainable state”     
  3. Post your "thou shall not rules" for everyone to see in shop (be easy, do not follow me on this one, you know your people and management)     
  4. Leadership is requirement of you if you consider following this plan  (need an example? Google: Army Leadership Principles, I used these all my life) 
 Recommenced Path Forward: (be careful if change my plan, you can always ask me my thoughts or you can go through the minefield on your own)
STEP 1: Purchase 5 copies of my book, "Preventive Maintenance Made Simple" (can be purchased at  Copies go to the following: 2 in the maintenance shop, one on your desk with statement on these copies, "OFFICE COPY", Plant manager's desk, production managers desk (do not write on their copies please). 
STEP 2: Ask each maintenance person to review the book and then let's meet and discuss what we can do together (I know we maintenance people like doing things our way but if you want success then this must be a requirement.    REMEMBER: "sometimes you have to walk through a bed of thorns before you walk in peace “ (and if this were easy everyone would be doing it)

STEP 3: Ask me for a copy of a RACI Chart so you can define roles and responsibilities to everyone. (I will provide an example)

STEP 4: NOW, sit down and discuss your thoughts on changes to the PM program and how it will impact uptime, production capacity, etc., (you know their pain points) with the plant leadership team, agree on a plan, (send it to me and I will give you my thoughts if you wish)

Step 5: Take leadership’s thoughts along with your maintenance techs ideas and develop a new PM strategy incorporated some of my thoughts from the book into a executable plan.
-WARNING: The plan must include the following:
  1. Task statements, and they must consist of a noun, adjective, and verb     
  2. Measurements to ensure the PM is meeting expectations (ex: PM Labor hrs. vs EM/Urgent Labor hrs.) Post these measurements in the maintenance shop, give a weekly and monthly copy to production and plant leadership.     
  3. Review and update the plan with, plant leadership first, then maintenance staff, and execute the next day. 
STEP 6: Patience will be required and failures may increase but trust things should get better quickly.  
STEP 7: Measure PM Labor Hrs. vs EM/Urgent Labor Hours and post for everyone to see, it will look crazy at first because of the high variation in your PM program.
Sorry, if you send me a message and it takes a couple of days, I am semi-retired now, I may be up in the mountains chasing bears or catching snakes in a swamp somewhere, however I will answer you Please keep everyone updated on your progress using post so we can all learn on this journey together. 

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