A Successful Maintenance Supervisor...

A Successful Maintenance Supervisor...

 A Successful Maintenance Supervisor

A Successful Maintenance Supervisor .Lives and Breathes Excellence in everything they do; talks it, walks it, and shares it. …Seeks Self Improvement – Each day a maintenance supervisor improves at least one thing, no matter how small. .Provides Education and Training for their Maintenance Team – Provides their team 10-20 minutes of Single Point Lessons a week. 
Accepts Responsibility for their Actions - Always accepts responsibility even if they are wrong. Being humble is a trait of great leaders throughout history. Is Respectful of their Staff and Others – Treats people like they would like to be treated at all times. This develops a team atmosphere and breeds success. 
Never Accepts Credit for Anything - If something works well they give credit to the right person or persons. They are humble and never accepts the credit for anything even if it is a great idea. (give the idea to a team member in a subtle way) …Knows the Proactive Maintenance Process – Holds people at all levels accountable to follow the Proactive Maintenance Process. 

If you are a Maintenance Supervisor please share your best story with us. We can all learn from each other.  Bottom line a maintenance supervisor is all about leadership.  Great leaders make great maintenance supervisors.

To all my friends, The Maintenance Community on Slack is an incredible free space where over 1,500 maintenance and reliability professionals like myself share real life experiences with each other.   
To join us, sign up here: https://upkeep.typeform.com/to/icC8EKPT

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