Guidelines to Project Schedule

Guidelines to Project Schedule

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The project Schedule outlines the tasks and activities of the project; the duration; start and end dates for each individual task and the project as a whole, and the resources and effort required.

Developing a project Schedule involves a number of defined steps.
  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) 
  • Work Packages 
  • Activities and tasks 
  • Schedule
For most projects, there will be at least two separate Schedules developed. One will be for the Initiation Phase (Initial Schedule) and the other for the Planning, Execution and Closure phases. All schedules are added to Eclipse for tracking and updating.

The Initial Schedule is developed in the Initiation Phase of the project to help produce the Project Charter. At this point, the Schedule is not expected to be very accurate or contain firm dates; rather it gives the Project Manager (PM) a rough idea of the project timeline and the assignment of resources. When the Charter is approved, a second Schedule is developed, with the approval date as the Project “start date”.

In the Planning Phase, a Project Management Plan is created (from the Charter), and the second Schedule is updated with a more accurate and realistic timeline. In effect, the start and end dates of the first Schedule will be replaced by the start and end dates of the Second Schedule. Eclipse allows for the development and saving of multiple schedules. This feature can help in creating “what if” schedules without disturbing the “active” schedule.

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