7 Important Excel Templates for Planner Engineers

7 Important Excel Templates for Planner Engineers

First, I wish to define who are the planner engineers and the nature of their work.

Planning engineers, also known as project planners, are responsible for planning and coordinating the materials, plant, equipment, and labor for large construction projects.
What is the role of planning engineer?
It is the responsibility of the planning engineer to estimate a timescale for a project and to ensure that the outlined deadlines are met. They work closely with site managers and other engineers to ensure a project runs on schedule and that material supplies are sufficient.

In this topic, I share with you 7 Important Excel Templates for Planner Engineers. 
The Templates:
  • Cost distribution template
  • Actual and planning cost template
  • Equipment distribution template
  • Labor distribution on activities template
  • Materials distribution template
  • Subcontractors distribution template
  • Concrete cost template
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