Project Work Plan Template Excel

Project Work Plan Template Excel

Project Work Plan Template Excel
Project Work Plan Template Excel

Download Free Project Work Plan Template in Excel.

Instructions for Work Plan Template:

The Phase II Work Plan Template should elaborate on the project activities presented in the Phase I LOI (Section 3. Project Objectives, Activities and Results) and provide more specific details on results.  For an illustrative example of a complete table, please refer to tab 2 "Example."  All applicants must complete the table below by following each step:

1) Input your objectives, associated activities and results. 

2) Indicate when your activities will occur by placing an X in the relevant months.  You can adjust the months listed to fit your estimated project schedule as needed; however, applicants should note that these dates may be subject to change during Phase III.  Please note the anticipated duration of your activities in the Duration column.

3) List the results of your activities in the Results column and use BOLD font to indicate the most important results your project will produce.  Examples of results include: 100 children screened, five training events held, 100 surgeries performed, 500 spectacles distributed, one national working group established, or one manuscript submitted.

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