Essential Skills for Successful Project Managers

Essential Skills for Successful Project Managers

Essential Skills for Successful Project Managers
 Essential Skills for Successful Project Managers

Essential Skills for Project Managers

Managing a project is challenging. But if you can master these five skills you're well on your way to project success.
1. Planning
Every project manager has to become a great planner. You need to plan your project, the tasks entailed, resources, equipment and materials needed. Create a bullet-proof Project Plan and schedule at the start of each project and measure progress daily.  You also need to plan your team's activities for the week and check that those activities are being completed on schedule. You job is to feed your team with work from your plan, and then track and measure progress. 
2. Prioritization
Every day, your team will struggle to manage priorities because there will always be too much to do. Your job is to give them crystal clear priorities every week. It keeps stress levels low and helps them work efficiently.  Without clear priorities, your project will be like a ship without a rudder - coasting along inefficiently without a precise direction in mind.

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3. Delegation
You can't do everything. You might be capable, but there won't be enough hours in the day. So you need to become a great delegator. If tasks arise that others can do, delegate them. Your job is to keep the ship on its course, not man the engines. Delegate even small items, as they still require attention and focus. Delegate even when you could do something better or faster than your team. Remember-you can't do it all.

4. Leadership
Great project managers are great leaders. They set the course, lead the team in the direction required, motivate team members individually and look after their welfare. Great leaders know what it is that motivates their people.  They put them in roles they enjoy and are naturally talented. They listen and they genuinely care. To inspire your team to achieve success, you need to become a great leader.
5. Communication
Communication is a critical success factor. You have to constantly communicate the goals, timeframes and expectations to your team.  Provide feedback to your team as progress happens.  Tell people directly where they are going right and where they need to improve. Communicate clearly and concisely. Follow up in writing when it's important.  So that's it. If you can plan, prioritize and delegate your work as well as communicate and lead, then you will become a top notch Project Manager.

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The Author: Ala'a Elbeheri

                                           Ala'a Elbeheri
A versatile and highly accomplished senior certified IT risk management Advisor and Senior IT 
Lead Auditor with over 20 years of progressive experience in all domains of ICT. 
• Program and portfolio management, complex project management, and service delivery, and client relationship management.      
• Capable of providing invaluable information while making key strategic decisions and spearheading customer-centric projects in IT/ICT in diverse sectors.    
• Displays strong business and commercial acumen and delivers cost-effective solutions contributing to financial and operational business growth in international working environments.      
• Fluent in oral and written English, German, and Arabic with an Professional knowledge of French.  
• Energetic and dynamic relishes challenges and demonstrates in-depth analytical and strategic ability to facilitate operational and procedural planning.  
• Fully conversant with industry standards, with a consistent track record in delivering cost-effective strategic solutions.    
• Strong people skills, with proven ability to build successful, cohesive teams and interact well with individuals across all levels of the business. Committed to promoting the ongoing development of IT skills  throughout an organization

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