Free Gantt Chart Template in Excel

Free Gantt Chart Template in Excel

Free Gantt Chart Template in Excel
Free Gantt Chart Template in Excel

Download Free Gantt Chart Template in Excel.

Instructions to help you in using Work Breakdown Structure Template:

  • Modify the GREEN cells and the WBS, Tasks, and Task Lead columns. The rest of the columns are formulas. 
  • The number of weeks shown in the gantt chart is limited by the maximum number of columns available in Excel. 
  • The Start Date that you choose determines the first week in the gantt chart, starting on a Monday.
  • Use the slider to adjust the range of dates shown in the gantt chart. 
  • Only 48 weeks can be shown/printed at one time, because each week uses up 5 columns.
Q1: The Working Days column shows "###". How do I fix that? 

You need to install the Analysis ToolPak add-in that comes with Excel. Go to Tools > Add-ins, and select Analysis ToolPak. 

Q2: How do I make Task 2 start the day after the end of Task 1? 

Use the following formula for the start date of Task 2: =EndDate+1 where EndDate is the reference to the cell containing the end date of task 1 

Q3: How do I add/insert tasks and subtasks? 

Copy the entire ROW (or a group of rows) for the type of task(s) you want to add and then right-click on the row where you want to insert the new tasks, then select Insert Copied Cells. 

Important Note: When inserting a new subtask after the last subtask or before the first subtask, you will need to update the formulas for calculating the Level 1 %Complete and Duration (see below) to include the new subtask, because the ranges won't automatically expand to include the additional row. 

Q4: How do I calculate the %Complete for a Level 1 task based upon the %Complete of all of the associated subtasks? 

Example: If Task 1 is on row 11 and the subtasks are on rows 12-15, use the following formula: =SUM(F12:F15)/COUNT(F12:F15) 

Q5: How do I calculate the Duration for a Level 1 task based upon the largest end date of a sub task?

Example: If the Level 1 task is on row 11 and the sub tasks are on rows 12-15, use the following formula =MAX(D12:D15)-C11 

Q6: How can I include holidays in the calculation of the Working Days? 

You can add a list of holidays to exclude in the NETWORKDAYS function. See Excel's help (F1) for more information. 

Q7: How do I change the print settings? 

Select the entire range of cells that you want to print and then go to File > Print Area > Set Print Area. Then go to File > Page Setup or File > Print Preview and adjust the Scaling and Page Orientation as desired.

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