How 4D planning and scheduling will help increasing project success?

How 4D planning and scheduling will help increasing project success?

How 4D planning and scheduling will help increasing project success?
How 4D planning and scheduling will help increasing project success?

Linking BIM to project management tools in an accessible and affordable way brings huge benefits to the planning process and the efficiency of construction.

The construction of the 4D models enables the various participants (Designers, supplier, consultant, contractors, and clients) of a construction project, to visualize the entire duration of a series of events and display the progress of construction activities through the lifetime of the project.

This BIM-centric approach towards project management technique has a very high potential to improve the project management and delivery of construction project, of any size or complexity.

BIM provides an opportunity to deliver major efficiency improvements by breaking down barriers that can be prevalent in a silo way of working on construction projects. For the full benefit of this to be realised, everyone involved in a project needs access to the same live data. Being able to link project management software to BIM software is a crucial step-change in this process.

The purpose of 4D construction planning and scheduling is to enrich the planning process and achieve improved communications and stakeholder engagement. 

Construction planners can use software including Asta Powerproject BIM to create animated sequences that show a structure’s components being built up, including both permanent and temporary works, and in doing so create a robust delivery approach that can be understood and implemented by the project delivery team.

4D BIM adds a new dimension (time) to 3D CAD or solid modelling, it enables a sequence of events to be depicted visually on a time line that has been populated by a 3D model (augmenting traditional Gantt charts and Critical Path (CPM) schedules often used in project management).

By combining 3D models with scheduling tools in one application, 4D Planning and Controlling enables you to use the visual power of 4D planning to:

  • Model-based scheduling and model-based estimating help the team to work on measurement details of the structure. 4D immediately increases the predictability and profitability of the project, delivering them on budget and on time. 
  • Ease even the biggest of projects' way from sketch to actual construction using 4D. Taking the advantages of 4D to bring out the most effective communication among the building team members. 
  • Identify problems that may not be visible via traditional schedules 
  • Run scenarios to assess feasibility of execution and find the best solutions 
  • See the impact in the 3D view as you update the Gantt chart 
  • Study how the build process will appear at different project stages Integrate as-built information Create better tenders, faster Optimize your budget by careful scheduling

Asta Powerproject BIM is an integrated module for Asta Powerproject which enables you to easily link the tasks in your project plan with 3D model components for 4D planning in one application. It is ideal for tendering and progress monitoring.


Asta Powerproject is one of the world’s leading project management software solutions for construction. It is the preferred software of over 100,000 construction professionals throughout the world because it combines easy-to-use functionality with powerful, feature-rich, capability

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