Job application Dos and Don'ts Check List

Job application Dos and Don'ts Check List

Job application Dos and Don'ts Check List
 Job application Dos and Don'ts Check List

Tips and Tricks for Job application step #1
1- The email you send to the recruiter:      
Send to only one email address at a time, Never ever, send to all recruiters in the BCC. 
-When you send the email, you can read the name of the person you are sending to, so avoid writing: Dear recruiter or Dear Sir/ Dear Madame 
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-If you don't know the name of the person, ie: sending to recruitment email address, you can start your email message by Dear recruiter.  
-Make sure you write the Name of the position you are applying for in the subject 
-Don't ever send an empty email, with only the CV attached
-Be creative, show how interested you are in the vacancy and the company in 2 lines End the email by "Looking forward to your reply" 
-it shows you are waiting for a response
2- Your CV indicates first virtual impression:
  1. Write the CV in a very structured way
  2. Start with Your full name and contact information as title, then your Education, your Experience, (start with the most recent dates and end with the old dates) then Volunteering activities.
  3. Each paragraph should had a defined title, then the points undergo the the title briefly to show case your work and achievements.
  4. Do not write a general objective, be specific why you are applying for the vacancy.
  5. Mention only the certificates that would capture the attention. 
  6. Do not write the ICDL Certificate, it is a bad impression.
  7.  Sometimes you need to tailor the CV according to the vacancy you are applying for.
  8. Use maximum two colors in the CV, preferably only Black color.
  9. Use only one font style, preferably Arial.
  10. If you are junior/fresh graduate, your CV shall not be more than 2 pages.
  11. It is not important to add your picture to the CV, your experience is what counts.
  12. You do not have to send copies of the certificates you got nor pictures attached to the email (unless it was required in the job post).
  13. Do not write too many details, remember you always need to showcase your experience, education and Knowledge to get to the interview. 
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                                                             Radwa Gharieb
People oriented HR person, from the digital and social media to Talent and OD Management has acquired diversified experience in Employer Branding, Talent Acquisition local and global, Training and Development, Talent Management and CSR. I have acquired 8 years of experience in International and Multinational organizations addition to 4 years volunteering experience with international NGOs and AIESEC. 
I am so passionate about people development and Employment, in which my job and experience satisfy my passion, my current job as Talent and OD Manager gave me the opportunity to do what I love the most which is giving back to the society, so I have decided to be a career coach as well to help people throughout their career choices and challenges.  My key passion driver is Community development volunteering work. That’s why I started my small NGO, EASE for Learning and Development in 2012. 
I have been delivering Training sessions and Workshops in Soft Skills, Recruitment, and Social Media marketing, since 2013.  My dream is to help the society and fill the unemployment gap, through preparing Strong Talents who are ready for the market needs.  I started to use my network to help companies with qualified CVS, those who attended my training sessions or volunteered in EASE, building up this network has enabled my Dream to have a good start. 

 Volunteering and Corporate expertise and skills:  
-Talent Acquisition and Headhunting Expert (Globally) 
-LinkedIn expert (Recruiter and Job hunting). 
-Employer Branding (Internal and External). 
-Organization structure and re-structure. 
-Salary Benchmark projects. -Events Planning . 
-Internal communication and projects planning. 
-Soft Skills training sessions and workshops. 
-Enhancing the company's Organizational Behavior through training sessions and Internal Branding. 
-Online Marketing: Setting Social Media Strategy, Content Creation, online campaigns Planning. -Online Branding Assessment (Website, FB, Instagram and LinkedIn)


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