Leader vs Manager- good communication- delegation or influences

Leader vs Manager- good communication- delegation or influences

Leader vs Manager- good communication- delegation or influences
 Leader vs Manager- good communication- delegation or influences

I have been working in project organizations for around 20 years. I read many books, listened hundred broadcasts regarding management and leadership. Did this help me to become better leader or highly skilled manager??? How is possible that after all the hours, days and years I spent with books and at work I am not better than any other people I know. Why I am not more effective and efficient or simply more successful than any others people I know or met? 
Hmm…Is this because I don’t know how to read (for sure my writing could be better) or I am not capable to learn from others. Is this because I read wrong books or didn’t meet the write people? I don’t know the answer. But recently something has changed in my life. I started understand a human needs. I started act as a best leader in the world. I also started be the best manager in the world. What happened? Why all of the sudden I believe I am the best leader and the best manager? What has changed in my work? Did the success criteria change? Have I changed the company or project??? The answer is No. I started act as a human who care about the project. I started apply the human feelings when I lead or manage. Why did I do it? Because I love the job I do now. 
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I am a father. I have a son. I have to be the best leader for my son as I love him. I want to make him safe. I want to see him smiling. I want to delegate to him only the job he is capable to do it. I want to listen him. Now I have a time. I want to observe his body language. Why??? Because I care. I want to be the best manger and make sure I manage his life as best as I can. I want to make sure I order his food on time. I want to make sure I mange his bath on time. I want to make sure he sleeps enough. Why???? Because I care. Because he is important to me. As a Leader I am not getting upset when he loudly cries. Why??? Because I understand this is only the way he communicates. 
As a leader I want to make sure he feels secure as he will sleep properly and live longer. I want to make sure he got support so I cuddle him. This is what he needs in this age. I recognize his needs. Why? Because I care. I manage his day. I make sure he got write bed and warm room. I managed to provide. Why because I care…What has changed? I feel I am good leader as he doesn’t cry. He smiles. He must feel safe. I become good manager as he doesn’t cry. He must be not hungry. He must feel comfortable is his new bad.
I believe I found the answer. In order to become a good leader and manager we must care. We must really care about something or somebody. When we delegate a task we should make sure the task is achievable. We should make sure a person knows how to do it and have enough time to do it. Imagine I ask my 7 weeks old boy to make a bottle of milk himself and drink the bottle. Even he is really starving he cant do it.  When communicate with people make sure you both speaking the same language. 
Make sure what you said the person has understood. Imagine I asked my 7 week old boy if he wants to eat. Would he be able to answer? No. Should I just take NO as an answer and not provide the food (milk)?  When he cries and shouts should I take this as an offence and punish him? He is aggressive so I should sack him from the family home? No, he simply doesn’t know how to speak hence he cries. How do I know this? I know because I tried to understand as I Care. 
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