CSR project planning

CSR project planning

CSR project planning
CSR project planning

Corporate companies intend to initiate projects helping the development of the society as a compensation to the harm they cause or misuse of the environment. That's what we call the Corporate social responsibility.

How to start a Corporate social responsibility project? The first step is to have the why of the project, which means analyzing the society around you, and find the issue you will work on to fill a gap in the society, or example working on youth development, ignorance or sexual harassment..etc. 
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The simplest 25 steps to plan development projects: 

  1. Conduct primary and secondary research to gather all the required information about the issue.
  2. Start a SWOT analysis for the project.
  3. Draw the vision, mission and the objective of the project.
  4. Choose the right Marketing strategy for the project: Name, logo and branding identity that delivers the right message.
  5. Use the right marketing tools to reach the right target audience.
  6. Draw the pre-planning table: Time, logistics, activities and goals.
  7. Align the time table with the academic, religious, political and social calendar to make sure you cover all holidays and don't miss any opportunity in your plan.
  8. Set the team structure and qualifications required for each member.
  9. Set the KPIs and MOS for the plan, estimate the budget and deliverables per time intervals.
  10. Budgeting: plan your budget with buffer for rise in prices and risk management process.
  11. First team meeting is the most important factor in the project's success, start with setting expectations, team orientation about the vis
  12. Brainstorm for all possible creative ideas and risks, after understanding the WHY of the project very well. 
  13. Align the offline and online promotion, to optimize your marketing plan and utilize your social media platform.
  14. Assign the tasks to achieve the short term goals.
  15. Create tracking tools and use a Task manager application.
  16. Coach the team members, with regular constructive feedback.
  17. Recognize the top achievers to motivate them and enhance the team's performance.
  18. Monitoring the process, activities and tasks achievement on a periodic interval of time based on the time table plan.
  19. Documentation is one of the most important factors in the marketing aspects: take pictures, record videos and write articles that will help the visual aids and online presence.
  20. Analyze the events, enhance the strong points and work on improving the weakness points.
  21. Create a reporting system to help the analysis process.
  22. Swot analyze the project when it is done, the impact's effectiveness and efficiency, in order to overcome the weaknesses, make use of the lost opportunities  and avoid the threats afterwards.
  23. Conduct surveys that helps in the last phase of the KPIs and MOS evaluation.
  24. Compile all data, surveys, questionnaires and evaluation sheets to modify the original plan.
  25. Restart the project with the modified plan after the right Swot analysis, to have a Sustainable  CSR project.ion, align their personal goals with the project's goals and objective.
The same steps can be applied in community development projects. Last but not least, the most important factor is the sustainability of the project, as it means the project started to fill the gap it was initiated to fill and growth in the impact on the society. 

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                                                              Radwa Gharieb

People oriented HR person, from the digital and social media to Talent and OD Management has acquired diversified experience in Employer Branding, Talent Acquisition local and global, Training and Development, Talent Management and CSR. I have acquired 8 years of experience in International and Multinational organizations addition to 4 years volunteering experience with international NGOs and AIESEC. 
I am so passionate about people development and Employment, in which my job and experience satisfy my passion, my current job as Talent and OD Manager gave me the opportunity to do what I love the most which is giving back to the society, so I have decided to be a career coach as well to help people throughout their career choices and challenges.  My key passion driver is Community development volunteering work. That’s why I started my small NGO, EASE for Learning and Development in 2012. 
I have been delivering Training sessions and Workshops in Soft Skills, Recruitment, and Social Media marketing, since 2013.  My dream is to help the society and fill the unemployment gap, through preparing Strong Talents who are ready for the market needs.  I started to use my network to help companies with qualified CVS, those who attended my training sessions or volunteered in EASE, building up this network has enabled my Dream to have a good start.

Volunteering and Corporate expertise and skills:
-Talent Acquisition and Headhunting Expert (Globally) 
-LinkedIn expert (Recruiter and Job hunting). 
-Employer Branding (Internal and External). 
-Organization structure and re-structure. 
-Salary Benchmark projects. -Events Planning . 
-Internal communication and projects planning. 
-Soft Skills training sessions and workshops. 
-Enhancing the company's Organizational Behavior through training sessions and Internal Branding. 
-Online Marketing: Setting Social Media Strategy, Content Creation, online campaigns Planning. 
-Online Branding Assessment (Website, FB, Instagram and LinkedIn).

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