10 Best Free Project Management Courses with Certificate in 2021

10 Best Free Project Management Courses with Certificate in 2021

10 Best Free Project Management Courses with Certificate in 2021
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Do you want to learn project management, whatever your job, and get a free certificate after the course ends? 

Today, we offer you 10 free courses through the largest platforms specialized in online courses, which is Udemy, which is considered the leader in this field. It is also distinguished that you will obtain an accredited and recognized certificate in any international company, and you can also watch these courses at any time after that for free, and you can also follow them through the application of this site.

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Your gateway into the World of Project Management

This course will help you kickstart your journey in the domain of Project Management. To begin with, we cover the basic concepts like what is a Project, what is Project Management, who is a Project Manager. Then we dive deep to discuss Project Constraints, Organizational Structures and Project Management Office (PMO). Finally, to top it all of, we also touch upon the PMP courseware and understand the basic Project Management Life Cycle and its types as well as Project Manager’s tasks in the different process groups like Initiation, Planning, Execution, M & C and Closing.

Master Class on Project Management Professionals - Free Online Course

Basics of Project Management according to PMBOK

This class is for those who want to take the PMP exam in the future. In this video, Amer Ali Explained how Process groups and knowledge areas are arranged in PMBOK 6th Edition. If you want to master PMP or any other certification of PMI. This is starting course for this can also provide you 2 PDUs if you complete the course and record on PMI website.

Introduction to project management, Agile and Scrum - Free Online Course

Learn the basics of traditional and agile project management and the main concepts of the scrum framework

In this course, you will get to know the fundamentals of project management, agile management and the Scrum Framework.

Basics of Agile Scrum Project Management - Free Online Course

Students & professionals who want to learn the basics of Project Management using Agile Scrum

This course is specifically designed for those professionals & other individuals, who have a very limited time, and wanted to learn the basics of Scrum project management.  Top 3 take-aways, after finishing this course you will be able to learn the following.

Agile Project Management Certification Prep+Agile Scrum+Jira

Overview of Agile project management and Online Agile Certification and Agile crash course in Jira agile project management tool

What you will learn?
  • You will become Agile certified (certificate available on completion) & you will have a foundation for other accredited Agile Certifications based on the Agile Manifesto and Principles
  • Learn how to set up your first project in Jira, the #1 tool used to manage Agile projects
  • Learn the 12 Principles of Agile used to deliver efficient, high quality products and services
  • Understand what User Stories are and how they can help you to gather requirements more effectively
  • Understand the concepts behind Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD) and Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) to accurately meet all your business requirements
  • Get a foundation to deliver any project, product or service using Agile techniques
  • Learn the most popular agile methods such as Scrum, Kanban, DSDM, Extreme Programming (XP) and Lean Software Development for any product, service, maintenance or support team
  • Learn how to use Agile frameworks and methodologies WITHOUT paying thousands of dollars for training
  • Explain what Continuous Delivery is and how it will help you to deliver software in the most reliable and efficient way possible
  • Learn the answer to the question, "what is Agile ?" , and why it is so powerful for project management and delivering early return on investment with highly efficient teams

Role of the Project Manager - Free Online Course

The Role of the Project Manager in the Initiating and Closing Process

PMP candidates must be familiar with the role of the project manager and five process groups. The initiating process is the first and the closing process is the last; each are needed to complete the full cycle of a project as well as deliver the final products including reports to the stakeholders. Once completed, stakeholders will verify the processes as well as formally establishes the completion of a project or a project phase. This is the final process in the sequence.

Earned Value Management - Free Online Course

Learn Theory & Practice of Earned Value Management

This course is prepared to introduce Earned Value Management concept to any project professional who wants to understand, learn or practice EVM. The course is based on more than 20 lectures and typically covers the following topics:
  • Use of EVM 
  • Basics of EVM Performance Management Baseline-PMB 
  • Project WBS 
  • Time Phasing of Project Budget 
  • Planned Value-PV,Budget at Completion-BAC , 
  • Actual Cost-AC,Earned Value-EV 
  • Schedule Variance-SV, Schedule Performance Index-SPI 
  • Cost Variance-CV, Cost Performance Index-CPI 
  • Estimate to Complete, Estimate At Completion, Variance At Completion 
  • To Complete Performance Index-TCPI 
  • Earned Value Reports- Tables & S-Curves 
  • Reading EVM Reports 
  • Sample Exercises

49 Processes of PMBOK 6 th Edition - Free Online Course

This Master Class will help you understand how the flow of Project Management moves in all PMBOK. This is very critical for your PMP Exam. If you understand the concepts mentioned in this master class you will be able to clear your Exam in the flying color. But please sure you need to put hard work in it.

Project budgeting in NGOs and Non-Profits - Free Online Course

Understanding project management in details

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) Essentials is a course meant for candidates who wish to take up social work as their career or join a non-government organization (NGO). The course trains an aspirant for a career which includes working for upliftment of the under privileged and in areas like environment, health, education, social services and community development. 

This course will build your non-governmental organization understanding to enable you work in non-profits sectors effectively. To kickstart career in NGOs you need to understand how they are structures, leadership nature and the work environment and this course provides such opportunity

Procurement for Construction Engineers - Free Online Course

A course on procurement designed for engineers new to the infrastructure/construction industry.

The purpose of this course is to provide engineers new to the construction/infrastructure industry an overview of procurement and how it is conducted on major projects. Often engineering at university focuses on the technical aspects however many engineers will find the skills needed to excel at their jobs are project management based. 

This course covers one of the key project management skills used by engineers; procurement. It will provide you a context as to what procurement is and why it’s important, and go through how procurement is conducted on a project. It will provide you the pre-requisite level of knowledge needed when you’re put into a procurement role on a project.

Contract Management for Project Managers

Crash course for Project Managers and Aspirants - to learn and apply Procurement Management practices.

The crash course aims to  provide you with understanding of contracting required by the project managers. The course provides walk through of the procurement management and its processes. This course will enable you to apply procurement management and contracting related practices within your organization and improvise your project management skill set.

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