18+ Most Useful Procurement Management Plan Templates- Free Download

18+ Most Useful Procurement Management Plan Templates- Free Download

18+ Most Useful Procurement Management Plan Templates- Free Download
18+ Most Useful Procurement Management Plan Templates- Free Download

The purpose of the Procurement Management Plan is to define the procurement requirements for the project and how it will be managed, from developing procurement documentation through contract closure.  The Procurement Management Plan should be in compliance with the State Central Procurement Office (CPO) rules and regulations.  

The Procurement Management Plan should define the following:

  • Procurement definition 
  • Market/Solution research to be conducted and results 
  • Type of contract – firm-fixed price, time and materials (T&M), cost-reimbursable 
  • Approach -- custom development, custom off the self (COTS), software as service 
  • Identifying potential bidders 
  • Establish General Requirements and Detail Technical Requirements 
  • Required deliverables 
  • Oral presentation requirements
  • Software demonstrations requirements 
  • Evaluation criteria (weighting of requirements) 
  • Establishing contract deliverables and deadlines 
  • Cost methodology and statistics 
  • Estimated volumes from the current environment and technical infrastructure 
  • Service Level Agreements, Performance Bonds, Liquidated Damages
  • Vendor Management/Oversight 
  • Performance metrics for procurement activities

18+ Most Useful Templates in Procurement Management Plan - Free Download

1-Procurement Planning Excel Template

Procurement Planning Excel Template

2-Procurement Management Plan Template in Word

Procurement Management Plan Template in Word

3-Procurement Plan Template in Excel

Procurement Plan Template in Excel

4-Procurement Plan Excel Template

Procurement Plan Excel Template

5-Free Procurement Management Plan Template for Excel

Free Procurement Management Plan Template for Excel

6-Procurement Schedule Template-Free Download

Procurement Schedule Template-Free Download

7-Simple Procurement Plan Template Excel

Simple Procurement Plan Template Excel

8-Procurement Performance Indicators Dashboard

Procurement Performance is a question of the definition. Every organization has a somewhat different understanding as to what should apply as a success and thus influence the added value of the purchase. Procurement Performance Measurement provides an answer.
Procurement Performance Indicators Dashboard

9-Contract Works Procurement Plan Template

This template (Short Procurement Plan) is for the procurement of Contract Works with a value of under $100k (direct source or closed tender RFQ) or procured through a panel of suppliers. For procurements with a value of $100k or more, use the Full Procurement Plan.
Contract Works Procurement Plan Template

10-Procurement Plan and Schedule Template

Procurement Plan and Schedule Template

11-Procurement Schedule Template Excel

Procurement Schedule Template Excel

12-Procurement tracking excel template free download

The Procurement and Shipping Tracking Log helps to plan, manage and track the various stages of the procurement process during the project life cycle. It helps to reconcile the shipment dates with the project master schedule.
Procurement tracking excel template free download

13-Planning, Budgeting and Forecast Procurement Template in Excel

Planning and Budgeting is an analytical application that helps you set top-down targets and generate a bottom-up budget, which is at the foundation of your organization's operations. It helps management evaluate business alternatives and set financial targets, and it enables the organization to work cooperatively and efficiently through the budgeting iterative process—reevaluating expenses and revenue estimates; changing start and end dates; and modifying objectives.
Planning, Budgeting and Forecast Procurement Template in Excel

14-Procurement Analysis Worksheet Excel Template

Procurement analysis is the analysis of what goes on in your purchasing department, are they keeping to the purchasing strategy and are inventories being kept to the optimum levels. This Procurement Analysis Worksheet is built in Excel. It captures key financial info (investment costs, benefits) over a 3-year span for a large capital expenditure.
Procurement Analysis Worksheet Excel Template

15-Supplier Relationship Management Excel Template

Supplier relationship management (SRM) is the discipline of strategically planning for, and managing, all interactions with third-party organizations that supply goods and/or services to an organization in order to maximize the value of those interactions. In practice, SRM entails creating closer, more collaborative relationships with key suppliers in order to uncover and realize the new value and reduce the risk of failure.
Supplier Relationship Management Excel Template

16-Production schedule template excel free download

This tutorial is aimed at spreadsheet literate people who are involved in planning and scheduling production activities. The techniques and formulas set out in this tutorial are being used by manufacturing companies daily; this is a practical, not an academic, exercise.
Production schedule template excel free download

17-Procurement Performance Management Excel Template

Managing your organization's performance is an integral component of good governance and improving procurement outcomes. The performance management tool provides a basis for continuous improvement and reporting to internal and external stakeholders. The tool lists a number of measures to report against. Areas noted with 'Y' are suggested as minimum reporting standards for performance management.
Procurement Performance Management Excel Template

18-Channel Strategy, Selection, and Management Plan Excel Template

The term Channel Management is widely used in sales marketing parlance. It is defined as a process where the company develops various marketing techniques as well as sales strategies to reach the widest possible customer base. The channels are nothing but ways or outlets to market and sell products. The Channel Manager wins, maintains, and expands relationships with assigned channel partners. Assigned to channel partners based on geography, channel, or market, the Channel Manager is responsible for achieving sales, profitability, and partner recruitment objectives.
Channel Strategy, Selection, and Management Plan Excel Template

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