Risk and issues log template

Risk and issues log template

Risk and issues log template
Risk and issues log template

issues log template
 issues log template

Risk and issues log template in excel - Free Download

Use this template to track the project's risks and issues. The risk log provides a calculation based on the identified Risk's probability and impact. Probability is a drop down list of: Certain, Expected, Likely, Possible, Unlikely. Impact is a drop down list: Very High, High, Medium, Low and Very Low. - The template also controls issue log items by using the log to update the issue "n" sheet.

Risk and issues log template instructions

General: On the first time to use the template, Update the headers on all worksheets to reflect the PROJECT NAME

Risk Log: List Identified Risks and Calculate Risk Rating with suggested meanings
1-Enter or Update the following:
  • Risk Number
  • Risk description 
  •  Probability (use dropdown list) 
  • Impact (use dropdown list) 
  • Risk Rate color will change based on formula

2-If Sorting is desired Sort all lines using the Header Row by Rating (descending) Number (ascending).

3-For additional risks, Insert new rows, and then copy the Complete "template line" (At least cells A-R) and insert it after the last identified risk.

Issue Log: For Tracking all Issue Items - Log is used to provide information to the specific issue sheet (Issue summary, Responsible Person, Issue Date and Status).

Enter the following on the Issue Log worksheet: 
  • Next sequential issue number 
  • Issue description 
  • Name of person assigned/responsible for the issue
  • Date the issue is being added
  • Status (use the dropdown list)
Issues worksheet: For tracking details of each identified Issue
1-Make a copy of the Issue Template worksheet by right clicking  on its label - choose "Move or Copy". Choose both (move to end) and create a copy. 

2-Rename the copy of the Issue Template worksheet to "Issue "n" where n = the issue number 

3-Link the fields (Issue Description, Name of person Assigned, and Date of Issue) from the Issue Log to the appropriate fields on the Issue worksheet: On the Issue "n" sheet for each field type in "=", then go to the  issue log sheet and click on the field there. Hit "enter" and you will come back to the Issue "n" sheet with the value filled in.

4-Enter the following on the Issue worksheet:
  • Level - High, Medium or Low
  • Class - Impact Area 
  • Originator
  • A brief description of the consequences

5-Update the Resolution with the steps completed to resolve the issue.  At a minimum, this should include the date, action taken, who took the action.  This should reflect a historical sequence of events.

6-Make any changes to Issue Description, Person responsible or status in the issue log and they will be updated in the Issues Worksheet.

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