kano Model Template in Word

kano Model Template in Word

kano Model Template in Word
kano Model Template in Word

kano Model Template Free Download

The Kano Model is a tool that helps prioritize customer requirements by grouping them into three categories: Expected/Must Haves, Nice to Have/Normal, and Exciters/Delighters.
  1. Expected/must haves: These are the basic customer requirements. Customers expect them without asking for them. Presence of them will not satisfy a customer but absence will dissatisfy.
  2. Nice to have/normal: These are the requirements customers often ask for and specify. More is better. Customer satisfaction can increase or decrease depending on their presence or absence. 
  3. Exciters/delighters: These are unspoken and unexpected, often innovative, qualities or attributes. Their absence does not decrease satisfaction, but their presence can increase it.
It is important to review customer requirements and their categorization. Over time, “delighters” become “normal” become “must haves”. Customer requirements change.

Instructions to kano Model Template

Take your identified customer requirements and put them into the appropriate category in the table below. You may find you need to go back to your customer(s) to determine the appropriate category. Once you have the customer requirements grouped in the categories, prioritize from left (expected/must haves) to right (exciters/delighters).

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