Project budget template excel free download

Project budget template excel free download

Project budget template excel free download
Project budget template excel free download

Workplan and budget template excel free download

Project management budgeting is the action of determining the total funds that are allocated for a specific project. The budget is usually estimated by the project manager along with the project management team and consists of all the projected costs for the upcoming project.

What are the steps of the budgeting and planning process?

Six steps to budgeting:
  • Assess your financial resources. The first step is to calculate how much money you have coming in each month. 
  • Determine your expenses. Next you need to determine how you spend your money by reviewing your financial records. 
  • Set goals.
  • Create a plan.
  • Pay yourself first. 
  • Track your progress.

Instruction for using project budget template excel free download

1-PHASES: A phase is defined as a collection of tasks aimed at completing a major deliverable (a milestone). GMF mandatory phases must be included in your workplan, as indicated in the Phases worksheet. If any phase has already been completed, or is not part of your initiative, explain in the “Notes” section below.

2-ADDITIONAL PHASES: You cannot add phases to the workplan due to the template structure, but you can edit the two additional blank phases at the bottom of the table. " 

3-START/END DATES: Enter the estimated start and end dates for each phase. Note: FCM expects that in most circumstances, funded initiatives will be complete within three years of the date of approval. This requirement will be noted in your contract with FCM.

4-TASKS: A task is defined as a single activity undertaken to achieve a phase. For each task identified, provide a description of what the task entails and estimate the cost. Individual tasks should generally be less than $50,000. Costs should be separated into GMF’s eligible and ineligible categories. Refer to the eligible and ineligible costs table for a list of costs that can be partially reimbursed by FCM. "

5-IN-KIND COSTS: The budget should include cash costs only.  Add eligible or ineligible in-kind costs to the “In-kind costs” near the bottom of the table. Note that eligible in-kind costs cannot exceed 10 per cent of the total eligible costs. 

6-CONTINGENCY COSTS: Contingency costs are eligible, but cannot be listed as a separate budget item. Allocate contingency costs within the relevant budget items as and where appropriate, and add an explanation of the contingency percentage or amount in the “Contingency costs” section below the table."

7-PUBLIC and/or STAKEHOLDER CONSULTATION:  Specify when and how public and/or stakeholder consultation will be conducted by adding task(s) to one or more phases, as necessary. ▪ TAXES: You may include the portion of taxes for which your organization is not eligible for a rebate (provincial, territorial, or federal) in your budget. Allocate this amount within the relevant tasks as and where appropriate. 

8-DELETING ROWS: Due to the template’s structure, rows cannot be deleted. Please leave extra or empty rows blank.

Phases for Plans:
Phase 1: Prepare for planning process
The first phase is to plan the details of how the plan will be developed. Tasks may include setting objectives for undertaking the plan, obtaining council approval, preparing terms of reference for the consultant hired to help develop the plan, determining the public consultation approaches, establishing any planning committees or advisory groups, and other tasks. If a task has already been completed, please specify this.

Phase 2: Create sustainability vision
This phase entails engaging with stakeholders and citizens to establish a shared vision of a sustainable future for the subject area of your plan. The vision should build on an existing municipal or regional sustainability vision.

Phase 3: Assess current situation
This phase entails assessing the current situation for the subject area of your plan based on existing data, plans, policies and programs. It could include an environmental scan (analysis of demographic and economic data, environmental baseline, municipal infrastructure and facilities, etc.), SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis, etc.

Phase 4: Develop action plan
This phase requires the development of a plan for achieving your vision for the future. The plan should identify sustainability goals and objectives, specify how you want to achieve them, and identify targets to monitor your progress. The plan should describe the actions for reaching the community’s goals, objectives and targets.

Phase 5: Develop implementation and monitoring strategy
This phase requires the identification of how activities in the action plan will be implemented and monitored. It entails setting timelines for implementing actions, and identifying the human and financial resources each will require. The monitoring strategy will identify indicators to measure your progress in meeting your sustainability goals and targets.

Phase 6: Approval
The last phase requires preparing a final version of the plan, and obtaining council approval. Note that the plan must be presented to and approved by your municipal council to receive the full funding amount.

Sources of Funding excel sheet
Sources of Funding excel sheet
Sources of Funding excel sheet

Instruction of using Sources of Funding excel sheet

Enter all funding sources for this environmental or sustainable initiative. For each funding source, please indicate the amount of the funding, and when the funding is confirmed or expected to be confirmed. The total of all funding sources must equal the total project costs in your Workplan and Budget table (tab 1). The municipal government's cash contribution must be at least 10 per cent of the eligible costs for a plan. 

Note: FCM offers grants, which cover up to 50% of eligible costs to a maximum of $175,000, to undertake eligible plans. The spreadsheet will auto-calculate the maximum eligible GMF grant amount according to the Total Eligible Costs in the budget. FCM will cap the GMF grant amounts according to the other confirmed sources of funding."
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