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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Computer aided project management using MS project 2007

Computer aided project management using MS project 2007

MS Project is a powerful and easy to use graphical program that helps you with planning tasks,
allocating resources, costing, tracking and reporting and is suitable for any project – from the
simplest to the most advanced. It provides popular project management tools in the form of
graphical screen displays called Views. By using these views to define your project tasks and
their exact relationships, you can plan your project to reflect real world situations. With MS
Project, you have complete control in managing your project resources, for a single project or
among multiple projects. You can assign a project calendar for the entire project or define your
own separate calendars and assign them to individual resources. MS Project alerts you to any
over-allocated resources which can be either corrected manually or with the automatic resource
levelling feature in the MS Project.


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