Operation Management and Managing Projects Techniques

Operation Management and Managing Projects Techniques

Operation Management Managing Projects Techniques

1-Managing Projects Techniques 
  • Business Change Analysis 
  • Critical path method 
  • Program Evaluation Review Technique 
  • Gap Analysis 
2-Network Diagram:

What is the Operations management Definition:

Operations management is an area of management concerned with designing and controlling the process of production and redesigning business operations in the production of goods or services.

Project Management Techniques:
  • Gantt chart 
  • Critical Path Method (CPM)
  • Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT)
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What are the benefits of Gantt chart:

  • Helps you to plan out the tasks that need to be completed. 
  • Give you a basis for scheduling when these tasks will be carried out. 
  • Allows you to plan the allocation of resources needed to complete the project 
  • Help you to work out the critical path for a project where you must complete it by a particular date.

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